The Fixed fields provide information for Horizon AND Enterprise to use when sorting and displaying information.

Below are some of the more common codes used in the 000 fixed field:

RecS: Indicates the status of a record most commonly ‘n’ for new or ‘c’ for corrected/revised

Type: Indicates the type of material VERY Important this is :

  • a – language material (generally print material)
  • g – projected medium (videos)
  • i – non-musical sound recording (books on tape/cd/mp3/playaway)
  • j – musical sound recording
  • m – computer file (video games, cd-rom, electronic resource)
  • o – kit (any mulit-piece set)

BLvl: Bib level most common ‘a’ for monograph or ‘s’ for serial item

Cntl: Archival control – blank for no control or ‘a’ if it is controlled (usually blank)

ELvl: Level of cataloging – usually blank for full level or “K” less than full

CatF: Cataloging standard used ‘a’ for aacr2 or ‘i’ for RDA

Link: Indicates if a related record is required blank for no or r for yes

For quick tips about each of these codes in the Horizon MARC view, place your cursor in the field and press F12 for a dialog box with brief descriptions of the options available.

For more details and explanations go to: and click on the code in the left hand column that you are looking for more information about.