“One (likely snowy) evening this past April in Minneapolis, a group of
local literati gathered at the Turf Club’s Clown Lounge to celebrate
the launch of Sarah Stonich’s latest novel, Vacationland.
Writers Carol Connolly (St. Paul’s Poet Laureate), Peter Geye, Marty
Kihn, Danny Klecko, Pamela Klinger-Horn, Kathryn Kysar, and Andy
Sturdevant joined in the good cheer and read (or interpreted, in some
cases) select passages from Sarah’s book. We’ve put together a brief
video with clips from the festive meeting, complete with a track from
“The TackyNites.” We hope you will enjoy.

As a supplement to the trailer’s release, author Sarah Stonich has
provided a character exploration of a mysterious, silent figure in the
novel that those who know Vacationland will immediately recognize and
interested readers will be intrigued by. This figure appears in the
opening chapter of the book, so there are minimal spoilers here for
those who haven’t read it yet.”