After your record is imported from OCLC always take a look at the record again and make sure it matches your item.

One of the most important things to do is make sure the ISBNs in the record match the item in your hand. Sometimes there are ISBNs in a record for more than one format.  If that is the case for your record please delete the ISBNs that are not a match for your item.

How do you do that?  First move the mouse over the ISBN that is incorrect and right click, in the menu that pops up click on ​”Delete Tag”.




​That will delete the field with the incorrect barcode. Note that there are usually both 13 and ​10 digit barcodes even though the 13 digit is usually the only one printed on new books.  Be sure to delete the sets of ISBNs that do not match yours, it is easy to tell which ten digit number to keep because nearly all of the numbers in the ten digit code are repeated in the 13 digit ISBN.

If you accidentally delete the wrong field, never fear there is an Undo icon  (rounded arrow pointing counterclockwise) that will put the field back. But that only works until you “save” the record, then that option disappears.




To prevent records from overlaying this record later also delete the 001 field that contains the OCLC number assigned to the record (that is the unique “BIB number” OCLC assigned to the record and what Horizon matches on when overlaying records.  Since we don’t want Horizon to overlay our new and improved BIB that we just edited remove the 001 field by right clicking on it and “delete tag” just like above.

Save the changes and now we have a record with ISBN’s for only one format type.