Drawing of books on a shelf with a drawing of the state of Minnesota and Arrowhead county.


The ALS Legacy Committee meets at least annually to plan programming, review budget information, and identify new partnership possibilities.

The 2024 ALS Legacy Committee meeting will be scheduled in 2024.

If you have program suggestions or other Legacy questions, please get in touch with Leah Ryan by email at leah.ryan@alslib.info or by phone at (218) 741-3840.

The ALS Legacy Committee members are:

Jen Baker – Aurora Public Library
Liv Mostad-Jensen – Coleraine Public Library
Tana Lucero – Duluth Public Library
Sue Sowers – Hoyt Lakes Public Library
Diane Adams – International Falls Public Library
Sophia Anderson – Virginia Public Library

Madeline Olson – ALS Board Member, School Libraries
Patricia Brandstaetter – ALS Board Member, Carlton County

Jim Weikum – Arrowhead Library System
Mollie Stanford – Arrowhead Library System
Nikki Erickson – Arrowhead Library System
Leah Ryan – Arrowhead Library System

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