The 21-member ALS Strategic Planning Team recently completed the third of their 3 all-day planning retreats. One of the outcomes of the planning retreats was a new Vision Statement for the Arrowhead Library System:

The Future of our Library Community

Libraries in northeast Minnesota
are strengthened by their membership in the Arrowhead Library System.
Libraries of all types – school, academic, special, and public – share
resources and collaborate to creatively offer services relevant to their
communities’ needs. Use of state-of-the-art technology is widespread
and library personnel are well prepared to assist patrons in its use.

and academic libraries are valued by their students, faculty, and
administrators. Staff in these libraries have the professional skills to
help students perform well academically, develop critical thinking
skills, and grow into lifelong learners. Through membership in the
regional system, special libraries help extend the reach of their
sponsoring organizations. They share information and expertise about
specialized topics with the wider community.

The region’s public
libraries are strong and vital hubs in their communities, and a source
of great civic pride. People of all ages, locations, and socio-economic
backgrounds actively make use of public library services. Public
libraries are in tune with changing needs in their communities and
respond with services and programming that consistently satisfy and
delight the people who use them.

The region is abuzz about libraries.

A new Mission Statement was also completed, but it is being shared with member libraries for reaction. Additionally, a statement of Organizational Values was finalized. The agreed upon version is as follows:

Relevance & Adaptability
ALS recognizes that we live and work in a rapidly changing environment – especially in the digital age. We are committed to staying current with community and member library needs, continuously evaluating and adapting our services to ensure they are meeting those needs.

ALS practices wise stewardship of public resources to ensure they are used efficiently and equitably across the region and amongst different library types. We are transparent in both our decision-making processes and resource allocation.

Intellectual Freedom
ALS believes everyone in the region is entitled to have access to a basic level of public library service. We are proponents of intellectual freedom and the right to unfettered access to a diversity of information.

Collaboration & Communication
All ALS members have something to contribute to the broader library community, and something to gain from it. ALS partners with member libraries to help build their internal capacity, and brings libraries together as partners in collaborative efforts. Communication is essential, and we reach out to keep the public and our membership informed through multiple channels.

Information concerning a set of Goals and the establishment of Goal Teams will appear in my next post.