By Lisa Squires, Nett Lake Elementary School

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Summer Resource Showcase offered by the Arrowhead Library System. I chose to attend all three sessions that were offered and it was definitely time well spent. Brainfuse, MackinVIA and ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota) all provide vast resources for learners of any age.

The school I work at serves a relatively small group of students in grades pre-K through 6th, who then move onto another, larger school district to complete grades 7-12th. I am impressed by the tutoring help available through Brainfuse, including Live Help, Writing Lab, Skill Surfer and more. These specialized resources provide students with access to individual tutoring as well as offering lessons, quizzes and tests to reinforce learning and measure progress. I envision Brainfuse as a resource we can introduce our students to, further ensuring their academic support as they move into a larger student population after 6th grade.

I was also impressed that Brainfuse looks to meet the needs of students preparing for college as well as students and adults searching for employment. I am excited to bring this information back to our school and encourage the use of such a great resource!

That said, both MackinVIA and ELM had some exciting things to offer as well. I am looking forward to more learning opportunities offered through ALS and would like to thank them for their “forward thinking” in growing the available library resources we enjoy in the Northland. Thank you for a great day of hospitality and learning!