By Nancy Maxwell, Virginia Public Library

Lights, Camera, Advocacy:  Digital Storytelling for your Library ARSL 2016

A picture’s worth a thousand words – that was the message imparted in this workshop at ARSL.  Tech Soup’s Chrystal Schimpf did a wonderful job of showing examples of eye catching photos and interesting videos developed by libraries of all sizes to promote their library’s story.  Some of the featured stories promoted planning for a new building or featured a particular aspect of a library like the children’s room or a service like audio books.  The best part of the workshop was that participants were given specific suggestion for equipment and resources to actually produce a video or slideshow to tell your library’s story.  It was like an entire advertising/marketing class in one session!  We learned about storyboarding, audio and lighting for making a video.  We were given a very helpful equipment list that would fit any library’s budget.  I liked the way that this marketing piece was described – digital “storytelling.”  It helped me understand the concept from idea to production.  The Resources and links handout is proving to be invaluable!