19 Ways to Celebrate National Library Week

National Library Week is here—is your library ready to celebrate?

Read on for quick tips about how to get involved:

  • Share ALA’s free National Library Week graphics on your library’s social media channels, website, and newsletter.
  • Ask library users to participate in the nationwide #MyLibraryMyStory promotion.
  • Create a display or social media post highlighting copies of ALA’s list of most banned/challenged books, announced on Monday of National Library Week (Monday, 4/8).
  • For National Library Workers Day (Tuesday, 4/9) share photos and stories of library staff members—either online or in your library.
  • Bring in treats to share with library users and staff to celebrate National Library Workers Day (Tuesday, 4/9).
  • Create a blog post or social media thread highlighting the many ways your library strengthens your community.
  • Invite elected officials to tour your library. Showcase how your library is strengthening the community with critical programs and services to tie into this year’s theme for National Library Week, which is Libraries = Strong Communities.
  • Write an op-ed/editorial about the value of libraries for a local publication.
  • Create a blog post or social media thread listing 10 (or more!) unique resources that people can access at your library.
  • Post #ThrowbackThursday content on social media highlighting your library’s history.
  • Use a free site like Canva to create engaging graphics with quotes or statistics about libraries and share them in newsletters, on social media, and on library bulletin boards.
  • Hold a contest or giveaway for library users. Possibilities are endless: you could give everyone who checks out materials or attends a program a raffle ticket to win a prize, or you might invite community members to post about the library online and randomly select a winner. If you don’t have budget available to purchase a prize, local businesses may be willing to donate gift cards or merchandise. Hold a contest for the people who sign up for a library card during the week. Select a random winner for a prize.
  • Designate a “feedback wall” in your library where community members can write what they love about the library. This could take the form of a bulletin board with index cards and pushpins, a white-board and dry erase markers, or butcher paper and pens. Be sure to snap photos throughout the week!
  • Make greeting cards saying “Happy National Library Week” to give to library users who check out books and other media.
  • Partner with a food bank or other local charity to ask library users to donate food or other goods during National Library Week.
  • Make a display about National Library Week. Include books, movies and other items, and programs that reflect the theme of building strong communities.
  • Design and print table tents highlighting your library’s NLW festivities and place them on surfaces around your space.
  • Create stickers highlighting your library/NLW and offer them to program attendees or patrons checking out books. If you’re not able to have them created professionally, try a quick DIY using printable adhesive address labels!
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