Customer Service Webinar Series Available for ALS Library Staff

Four hour-long customer service webinars by Pat Wagner are available free to you and all ALS member library staff at your convenience. You also have access to the presentation slides and handouts. This webinar series is useful for all library staff, including public, school, academic and special libraries. Its focus is customer service best practices and tools and includes these great subjects:

• Intro to Great Customer Service
• The Ethics of Library Customer Service
• Dealing with Hostile and Potentially Dangerous Library Users
• When the Library Makes Mistakes

Shari Fisher, ALS Assistant Director, highly recommends these webinars. “The customer service sessions with Pat Wagner provide great advice and examples of what good customer service is.”

Find these useful resources on the ALS website under For Library Staff >> Library Training & Mini Grants or by clicking this link:

Your ALS library coworkers were enthusiastic in their praise of these seminars:
o “Pat is a great presenter. I appreciated her sense of humor, directness and philosophy on customer service.”
o “Pat was very easy to understand and her examples were real life…”
o “Thanks for making them available via recordings. I was able to attend all of them because of that option.”
o “Lots of information packed into one hour. Pat’s real-life situations made the information come to life.”
o “I always come out of these classes with a more positive attitude.”
o “These were well done webinars.”

Pat Wagner has been a trainer, educator, and consultant for 45 years with clients in 49 states and Canada. She is a management consultant and instructional producer at Pattern Research, Inc. Pat has worked with Fortune 500 companies but specializes in libraries, working with the Library of Congress and local public libraries. She is known for her practical and good-humored face-to-face and online programs. A grateful thanks to Mollie Stanford of ALS for making all of the arrangements to have Pat Wagner present these customer service sessions!

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