Meet the ALS Giraffe!

Giveaway from Horizon Summit – Regional Librarian Chris Magnusson’s story of why we needed a giraffe

We need a giraffe to ride across our region.

  • The northeastern quarter of Minnesota is very large, and a giraffe would love running wild with the moose from Moose Lake to International Falls on the Canadian border.
  • A giraffe would also be able to outrun the wolves from the International Wolf Center near the Ely library.
  • A giraffe’s long legs would allow him to wade through Lake Superior, from Two Harbors to Grand Marais, and cross the Mississippi River outside the Grand Rapids library.
  • And, those long legs would allow him to jump over the iron ore open pit mines separating many of our libraries on the Iron Range.
  • His long neck would allow him to see over the top of Lutsen Mountain to see the Silver Bay Library (although, he may not fit in the compartment for the ski lift).
  • And if he is tired, he could catch a ride in our delivery vehicles to visit the kids in our schools on Horizon, and the children’s librarians at our public libraries would love to have visits from a giraffe at story times.

The adventures have already started for our new friend — Cloquet Public Library invited the giraffe to storytime and a stuffed animal sleepover!

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