Minitex ILL Conference Report

Customer Service – Things I wish I could tell my Librarian

Experience not products –

  • People want to feel welcome in a comfortable setting with desired products
    • Families not coming for the books but the time together, safe environment, social interaction, & activities
  • Exceed expectations and anticipatory services
    • answer the basic reference question but provide additional relevant information
    • suggest that next best book to read
  • Inspire discovery! – Find your library message and get staff, volunteers, friends and board members focused on that message


  • Act like ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen
  • Remember you never know what one simple action will affect a patron
  • “Wow Patrons” are those that come in the first time that are happy with what they find
  • “Inspector Patrons” are those that have been there many times and keep learning something every time even if it is the smaller thing like a rotating display. Think online too with updated new content. Always need to be fresh and inviting.
  • Treat patrons like VIP – Very Individual Person
  • Smile, Darn Ya, SmileMore happy moments

Minitex News

Check Minitex training page for upcoming training opportunities including Copy Cataloging, Cataloging 101, and RDA in a Day (June 2)

Mobile scanning kits – email Jolie O Graybill or Lizzy Baus (Mollie will be looking into these)

  • Kits include scanner and laptop to scan photos at a mini digitization event at a library. They are also working to include a “light box” device to scan three dimensional objects in high resolution.
  • Training is required, once trained libraries can borrow the equipment that is in a securely padded container and shipped through delivery.
  • Recommend that patrons be limited to 5 or 6 photos at the event due to the time it takes to scan and save the high-quality image. If the kit is requested for a week for a one day event, patrons could reserve time after the event to scan more items, BUT staff would be required to supervise and operate equipment.

Some Interesting Statistics

  • 30% of those between 16-24 do not have a driver’s license
  • 13% of homes in 2015 have no landline
  • 73% of people read a book in 2016
  • Millennials read books but tend to not borrow them on their phone
  • ELM use has continued to grow 60,891,609 searches in 2016
  • Median age of librarians – 50
  • 45% of directors are over 65
  • OCLC saw a drop of 21% use in the last 5 years, but MN stayed constant!
  • Students prefer print for long source (books) and recreational reading, but prefer econtent for short chunks – chapters or articles and academic reading.
  • Old technology never dies, they just fade into smaller niche offerings. – Neil Irwin

Chris Magnusson

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