Open Access Now Available!

Arrowhead Library System (ALS) is excited to announce the availability of 40 million vetted, quality, open access journals, eBooks, and eTextbooks for free through our Open Access resources.

Patrons now have access to content focusing on Mining in Minnesota, infectious diseases, climate change, space travel, mental health, and more! Articles about these topics and many more topics can be accessed through our online catalog.

The need for reliable research has never been greater, and traditionally, quality research has been kept behind paywalls with high subscription costs. Today, a surge in open access publishing mandates from both research funders and higher education institutions around the globe have compelled authors to publish their research with an open access license, making it freely available to anyone, anywhere.

The ALS newly updated library catalog now compiles all of this information into one intuitive search, allowing patrons to easily search for and find high quality resources on a wide variety of topics. Our Open Access content even includes lesson plans and other Open Education Resources for students and teachers from preschool to graduate student level.

The ALS catalog offers an organized interface with single-click access to the content, making the research process simple and straightforward for everyone. Your search results will default to our physical collection of books, videos, audio recordings and kits. But clicking on the Open Access tab will switch the results to provide instant access to research articles, lesson plans and more digital resources.

Arrowhead Library System continues to be an information hub for the region providing free and equal access to information and ideas which is made even easier with the addition of our Open Access content. To learn more about the Arrowhead Library System Open Access content start searching today by visiting and click on the ‘Open Access’ tab in your search results!

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