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Limitless Libraries, Unlimited Potential

Library Journal
December 15, 3:00pm Eastern

As libraries continue their mission to become community cornerstones, there is a new spirit of cooperation between public and school libraries. Nowhere is this more evident than in Nashville, where Nashville Public Library and Metro Nashville Public Schools have partnered to create the Limitless Libraries cooperative to improve school libraries, resource sharing, and student access to learning materials. Register

Libraries Supporting Social Good: Tools and Tips for Outreach to Nonprofits

December 14, 11:00am Pacific

Libraries should be engaged with their local social sector community. The social sector includes nonprofits, as well as grantmaking organizations and business enterprises with an explicit social purpose. This free webinar will offer practical guidance on the best tools, training resources, and marketing tactics your library can use engage the social sector in your community. Register

InstantFlix—Providing a Voice for Independent Filmmakers

Library Journal
December 8, 3:00pm Eastern

In a film industry dominated by huge production companies with even bigger budgets, how do promising new film producers make their presence known? How do the future Steven Spielbergs and Francis Ford Coppolas get their visions out into the world? IndieFlix, the premier platform for independent film, was founded by filmmakers for fellow filmmakers and their audiences around the world. This Library Journal webinar features an engaging panel of experts, including IndieFlix founder Scilla Andreen, a selection of independent filmmakers, and librarians currently promoting the service. Join the webinar and discover how your library can help spread the voice of independent filmmakers to your patrons. Register

Community Conveners

Library Journal
December 14, 3:00pm Eastern

Past winners of the LibraryAware Community Award share their stories of how deep engagement with community needs won them the honor, and how they’ve since leveraged it to drive more positive change and put the library front and center. Register

Wrap Up the Year with the New OverDrive Webcast Series

December 6, 7, & 8 @ 2:00pm Eastern

Session #1: Building Your Digital Collection—December 6—The first session in our series will feature a refresher and live demonstration on how to select and purchase content for your collection and use Marketplace administrative and support tools. Register.
Session #2: Enhancing Your Digital Collection—December 7—The second will feature and review the live demonstration of new enhancements and marketing tools to help increase user engagement with your OverDrive collection, with a special look at new features for Advantage libraries. Register.
Session #3: Helping Users Enjoy Your Digital Collection—December 8—The final session will feature a review on how to enjoy the new OverDrive on a variety of devices, including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and more. Register.

Indie State of Mind

Library Journal
December 7, 2:00pm Eastern

The indie book movement has becoming a vibrant part of America’s reading culture, and that’s in no small part due to advances in digital self-publishing. With more than 90% of U.S. libraries lending eBooks, libraries have unparalleled power to bring their best local writers to their patrons’ attention and beyond. Register

How to Respond to a Security Incident in your Library

January 19, 2:30pm Eastern
Fee $60.00

As important as it is to try to prevent library security incidents, it’s not always possible to avoid them, and the way you respond when they happen is crucial. Dr. Steve Albrecht, a security expert and former police officer, will show you how to respond effectively. This session will take the top 10 security, behavior, crime, or emergency-related incidents that occur in libraries and describe the issues, the concerns, and the responses surrounding them. Register


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