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Facing a divided nation, ALA offers libraries free trainings in dialogue facilitation and deliberation

(Released 12/15/2016)

Through Libraries Transforming Communities: Models for Change, a two-year project, ALA and NCDD will produce ten webinars and three in-person workshops. Change-making leaders, such as Everyday Democracy, National Issues Forum and World Café, will develop and lead the training, which will be customized to meet the needs of various library types and sizes. Information

Mindfulness for Librarians: Handling Stress and Thriving Under Pressure eCourse

January 9, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $195.00

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed at work? Throughout this four-week eCourse, you’ll learn tips and tricks to better handle stress and become more mindful in the workplace. Register

Using Surveys to Improve Your Library Workshop

February 1 & February 8, 2:30pm Eastern
Fee $75.00

Surveys are a great way to gather user feedback that you can analyze to help enhance your library’s services and increase patron satisfaction. In this two-part workshop, assessment experts Joyce Chapman and Emily Daly will provide you with the knowledge you need to employ effective surveys that gather crucial data. Register

2016 Minnesota Public Library Report

MN State Library Services
January 24, 2:00pm

The 2016 Minnesota Public Library Report survey opens February 1. If you are a new filer or an experienced filer who appreciates a refresher, please join us. Ryan Patrick, Customer Service Director for Counting Opinions, will present a live demonstration of how to input your library data into the LibPAS online survey tool and answer any questions. When it’s time, join the meeting via WebEx or join by phone at 888-742-5095. Registration is not required.

Getting Started with Library Service Design eCourse

January 9, continuing for 4 weeks

Service design is a holistic, co-creative methodology that puts the user at the center of the service delivery model to create user-centered services. This eCourse will explore the service design methodology as a valuable toolkit that librarians and administrators can use to assess, revise, and create library services, spaces and workflows. Register

Geeking Over Google and eBooks

Library Journal
On Demand

How do you save costs, increase shelf space, and boost usage in the 21st Century? Meeting the research needs of the 21st century library patron isn’t the simplest of endeavors. You have to make sure your collection is current and authoritative, yet comprehensive. But, aren’t you running out of shelf space? “Geeking over Google and eBooks” will highlight the benefits of integrated collaboration tools available to your patrons through Gale eBooks on GVRL. Register

New Ideas in Collection Development: Revamp Your Strategy to Engage Readers and Spark Circulation

Library Journal
March 8-29
Fee $277.13

Learn real techniques for increasing your library’s circulation and expanding your staff’s capacity for readers advisory in this four week online course. You will attend weekly guest speaker sessions via webcast and build your collection development strategy through weekly assignments. A dedicated advisor will provide you with one-on-one feedback for your plan within an online discussion group, where you will share resources and best practices with a group of peers from across the country. Register

Burnout or Bounce Back? Building Resilience

January 19, 12:00pm Pacific

We work in times of new roles for libraries, changes in technology, pressure to do more with less, and staff members who want to do it all yet may lack time or resources. These pressures can contribute to a gradual grinding down, a loss of joy or a fading of enthusiasm and passion. In other words: burnout. Yet some in our field go on for decades, maintaining their energy and focus. How they keep their freshness and fire? Join us in this interactive webinar.


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