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How to Implement a Digitized Program eCourse

March 6, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $185.00

Digitization is a rapidly growing area of librarianship. Whether you’re a community repository or you need to digitize old materials to save space, the ability to start a digitization project is becoming an essential skill for the modern librarian. In this eCourse, Susanne Caro, a former state documents librarian and digitization expert, will show you what you need to get started if you are new to digitization. Through hands-on exercises and instructor interaction, you’ll learn about how to assess different materials for digitization as well as how to get buy-in and resources for your project. You’ll become familiar with different tools that can help you do the work. Register

Toward Tech Savvy Trustees

January 26, 3:00pm Eastern

Library staff are expected to embrace technology advancements and keep their skills sharp and their libraries relevant. But what about library boards—how tech savvy are your trustees? The more that trustees are dialed into a personal use of technology, the better advocates they will be for the library’s technology needs. Learn some fun and practical ways to inspire greater tech savviness in your trustees. You don’t need a board of IT specialists, just a board that has a sharper set of digital tools. This webinar, hosted by WebJunction in collaboration with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries, is an encore presentation of a session presented at the 2016 ARSL conference. Register

Body, Mind & Spirit

Library Journal
January 31, 3:00pm Eastern

As the New Year begins we continually find readers seeking their pathways for the year ahead. Join us for a truly inspiring webcast and learn about a few evergreen library favorites along with plenty of upcoming releases covering everything from aromatherapy and stress management, to the psychology of dreaming, to understanding consciousness, life, and death through quantum physics. We look forward to seeing you there! Register

Library Newsletters Made Easy(ier)

February 14, 2:00pm Eastern

Looking for strategies to help your library get the word out? Join Nancy Dowd, co-author of Bite-Sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for Overworked Librarians, for a session on making your library newsletter work harder for you. Using examples from successful libraries, she’ll share insights and takeaways you can use to invigorate your email newsletters. Register

Libraries Help Patrons Become Financially Empowered Consumers

February 14, 3:00pm Eastern

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) exists not only to protect consumers but to empower all of us to take more control over our economic lives. The CFPB recognizes the important role that libraries can play as the go-to source for unbiased financial education resources in every community. The CFPB plans to build a community financial education infrastructure with libraries and national partners to reach consumers in their neighborhoods, expanding on programs and resources that are already working in libraries. With this infrastructure in place, public libraries can help fill consumers’ critical financial knowledge gaps by providing and distributing easy-to-understand, behaviorally informed financial education content. Learn how two libraries have implemented financial literacy program ideas, resources and tools, and connected with local partners, and hear how you can take your library and your community to the next level with patrons empowered to be informed consumers. Register

Visualizing (and Finding) Funding for Libraries

February 28, 3:00pm Eastern

This webinar will introduce participants to a dynamic and freely available data-visualization tool, Visualizing Funding for Libraries that enables library professionals and supporters to search for institutional funding for libraries at national, state, and local levels. Participants will learn pro tips on navigating the tool and as well as next steps on how to pursue new funding opportunities. Data visualizations such as maps, network constellations, and partnership pathways showcase key networks of funders and recipients, as well as individual grants that highlight the library services and programs that are winning grants. Visualizing Funding for Libraries is a Knight Foundation News Challenge winning project. Register

Full STEAM Ahead

February 7, 1:00pm Central

The national push to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in schools, libraries, and cultural centers continues to grow, and many are now incorporating STEAM (STEM plus art and aesthetics) as well. In this free, hour-long webinar, hear from representatives from Rosen Publishing, DK, and Annick Press, as well as guest expert, Kristin Fontichiaro. We’ll help you look at ways to make STEM and STEAM a more organic presence in your space, programs, and story times. Register

Rethinking Social Media to Organize Information and Communities

March 6, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

Tired of hearing all the reasons why you should be using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other popular social media tools? Perhaps it’s time to explore social media tools in a supportive and engaging environment with a keen eye toward using those tools more effectively in your work. Join us and social media guru and innovator Paul Signorelli in this four-week, highly-interactive eCourse as he explores a variety of social media tools in terms of how they can be used to organize information and communities. Together, you will survey and use a variety of social media tools, such as Delicious, Diigo, Facebook, Goodreads, Google Hangouts, LibraryThing, Pinterest, Storify, Twitter, and more! You will also explore how social media tools can be used to organize and disseminate information and how they can be used to foster and sustain communities of learning. Register

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