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Online Tutorials: Creating them Easily and Effectively

February 13, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

Online tutorials are nearly ubiquitous in the library learning world – but are they effective? Are they easy to create? In this eCourse, Rempel and Slebodnik will introduce you to the process and principles of creating tutorials in order to increase their impact and effectiveness. These principles include accessibility to reach a wider audience and assessment in order to evaluate and reinforce learning. Register

New ELM Webinars for 2017 – Click Here for details and registration.

Cataloging with RDA

April 3, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $199.00

As more libraries around the world adopt RDA: Resource Description and Access, knowledge of how to catalog library materials using this new standard is a crucial skill. In this eCourse, RDA expert Magda El-Sherbini will get you started with hands-on training that focuses on print monographs and will cover both description and access. You’ll also participate in exercises using real-world examples of RDA concepts. El-Sherbini will be available to discuss these concepts and answer your questions on discussion boards, and you’ll be able to solidify these skills with quizzes that provide interactive feedback. Register


American Libraries Live
February 16, 12:00pm Central

Library makerspaces are transformative, inviting library users to create, innovate, and collaborate. But like any new initiative, makerspaces also introduce unique challenges. How do you get started? How can you work within your library’s staffing and budget constraints? In February’s episode of American Libraries Live, our expert panel will tackle these issues and address your concerns in real time. Register

Is Collaboration Enough? Open Science: Beyond Open Access

Library Journal
February 21, 3:00pm Eastern

Collaboration can be a major driver for success. When data is shared among researchers, analysts and stakeholders, the opportunities for innovation and development increase exponentially, particularly in the medical and science fields. To be most effective, the Open Science framework demands more than simply sharing data–it requires dedication, transparency and responsible publishing. Join this webcast to learn from our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges and benefits of Open Science in the context of global health and medical concerns. They will explain how the disruptive concept of Open Data can reshape and improve the nature of research and results. Register 

Web Design Basics for Librarians

April 3, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

HTML elements are the basic building blocks of every webpage, so a little coding skill can yield big gains in effective communication and efficient website maintenance. With basic HTML skills, you can add links to your press releases, customize your Facebook page, or update your library’s website.  Even if you work with rich text editors in a content management system, fundamental web design principles will give you better results.  Once you know the basics, you can deepen your contribution to the web team with skills in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. Diane Kovacs, an experienced web designer and online instructor, will show you how to design attractive, clear, and accessible webpages and give you the foundation for learning more. Register

Creating Welcoming and Accessible Libraries for Children with Disabilities

April 12, 10:00am

Big or small, rural or urban–all public libraries serve children with disabilities in their communities. Librarian and advocate Renee Grassi will show how your library can develop an awareness and an enhanced spirit of inclusion to children with disabilities and their needs for library service. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to perform a community needs assessment and advocate for families, forge new partnerships with other agencies and organizations, and find new and innovative children’s programming and outreach ideas. Participants will also learn about accessible customer service and different approaches to re-evaluate existing children’s programs to attract a more inclusive audience. Register

Free Online Course – Digital Storytime: Kids, Apps, and Libraries

Minnesota State Library Services

The Public Library Development Team at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is proud to announce a new professional development course about the role of apps and devices in the lives of young children and their families.Digital Storytime: Kids, Apps, and Libraries is a free online tool designed for public library staff serving youth and other educators. It is a module-based online learning experience that includes game-design elements to both increase participant motivation as well as model the appeal of apps designed for children. Each module includes activities for participants to Watch, Read, Explore, and Do. Not only do these activities personalize the learning experience, but many offer opportunities to view responses from other course participants.
Participants can log in anytime through any web browser and take the course at their own pace. It is recommended you use the same browser and device throughout the course in order to track course progress. Participants who complete all four modules will receive a certificate of completion.

Building Successful Skills: A Solid Foundation for All

Library Journal
February 23, 3:00pm Eastern

A lack of fundamental skills can often create barriers to success. Those seeking to overcome such barriers need a supportive pathway as they endeavor to acquire these skills and connect with a new learning or work environment. Join LearningExpress and our panel of state, public, academic and school librarians as they discuss the importance of building the foundational skills that adults and students need to succeed. Gain perspective from each of these professionals as they share their experiences about which skills are often lacking and what libraries can do to help patrons and students acquire these skills.
You’ll also hear how the new Success Skills Centers in select LearningExpress products will provide ways to help individuals build their essential skills and create their own success. Register

Teaching Tolerance

February 14, 1:00pm Central

As stories of bullying fill the news, many teachers, librarians, and parents are looking for helpful resources. In this free, hour-long webinar, representatives from Second Story Press and Lee & Low publishers present titles that aim to engender empathy and understanding for others. Additionally, assistant professor of teacher education Amina Chaudhri will offer tips on how to use books to prevent bullying. Moderated by Sarah Hunter, Books for Youth Senior Editor.
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