Weekly Webcast Recap

Basics of Personal Digital File Management

May 2, 1:00pm Central

This webinar will discuss some of the most important topics surrounding the management of all of your digital “stuff” including photos, files, and email. Librarians will learn some best practices for file naming and organization–all of which can be shared with their users. How to batch-change file names and keywords and the best backup options will also be included.Moderated by Rebbeca Vnuk, Editor, Collection Management and Library Outreach. Register

Telling Your Nonprofits Story: Data & Metrics That Matter

NonProfit Times
April 20, 2:00pm Eastern

Your data is a treasure vault of valuable information that not only tells your story,  but also illustrates your impact, and validates your donor’s trust and mission investment. By leveraging modern technology, you can automate your key metrics, while gaining a real time view into where you are and how you’re doing.  Easily compute, view, compare, and benchmark your performance with others doing similar work. Register

Penguin’s Chapter Book Superstars

School Library Journal
April 26, 2:00pm Eastern

Join Penguin’s chapter book superstars for a webinar dedicated to your transitional readers. Listen to the authors and illustrators talk about their chapter book series and what it’s like to work with one another. Panelists include Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver, authors of the Here’s Hank series, Lin Oliver, author of the Fantastic Frame series, Sophie Blackall & John Bemelmans Marciano, illustrator and author of the Witches of Benevento series, and Abby Hanlon, author/illustrator of the Dory Fantasmagory series. The first 100 people to register for this webinar will receive a Chapter Book Swag Pack! Register

The Weeding Planner: Managing Massive Weeding Projects

May 2-3, 9:00am-5:00pm Central

As libraries transition away from spaces designed to store and organize physical collections to spaces designed to support the needs of researchers, students, and communities, library professionals will need to engage in physical collection weeding projects. Although each weeding project will be unique, approaching weeding projects from a project management perspective can structure what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming undertaking. Project management requires leaders and participants to identify weeding project goals and objectives, to map roles and duties to phases of the project, to develop project timelines and prioritize milestones, to anticipate challenges and setbacks, and to deliver on the project in a timely manner. Register

Open Access: Advocating for Change

Library Journal
April 25, 3:00pm Eastern

Two main forces drive the OA movement: the need to find an alternative to current subscription models and the overwhelming benefits to providing freely available, peer-reviewed research findings to more people. Despite the momentum, and despite significant backing from institutional and government funding sources, widespread acceptance of open access has progressed more slowly than many advocates had hoped.
Join this webcast to gain insight and perspective from our experts on the barriers and common misconceptions about OA, and offer some strategic and practical advice. They’ll discuss how OA can emerge as a key asset for authors, publishers and researchers–and essentially benefit humanity as a whole. Register

2017 Library Journal Serials Pricing Article

Library Journal 
April 27, 3:00pm Eastern

Budget planning for library materials is both a science and an art. As library collections shift increasingly to online, navigating changes in print funding and pricing models has become more complex and difficult to follow.
Since 1993, the annual Library Journal serials pricing article has been a trusted tool in library budget forecasting as well as a key benchmark for evaluating current funding. Join this webinar as authors of the 2017 article share their methodology for gathering the data and writing the article and discuss how the statistics and trends identified in the article may be applied in your library. Register

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