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Listen Up! New Audiobooks for Summer and Beyond

May 23, 1:00pm Central

Looking for new audiobooks to suggest to your listeners? Join Booklist and representatives from HarperAudio, Simon & Schuster Audio, Books on Tape and Listening Library, Recorded Books, and LA Theatre Works to discover the best new audiobooks of the season. Moderated by Audio Editor, Joyce Saricks. This webinar is free and will last one hour. Register

Recorded webinars available online


If you were hoping to attend the recent webinars presented by staff at the Minnesota Historical Society Library, they have been recorded and are available for your viewing:
The Daybooks of History and Beyond: Digital Historic Newspapers at the Minnesota Historical Society

Researching Minnesota History from the Comfort of Home (or anywhere with WiFi)

House History 101: Useful Tips on How to Conduct the Research

Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub

Resources for Creative Writing at the Minnesota Historical Society

Measures that Matter: A View into the Current Public Library Data Landscape

May 23, 3:00pm Eastern

Data gathering and responding to surveys are part of every public librarian’s routine. Yet we rarely pause to reflect on these efforts and consider what data matters most. What measures best demonstrate the role, value, and impact of public libraries in the 21st century? How can the various surveys and tools commonly used by public libraries be leveraged with each other and other data sources to best demonstrate that impact? The Institute of Museum and Library Services in cooperation with the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies is launching the “Measures that Matter” initiative, a field-wide discussion of the current state of public library data. The initiative will first take stock of the current landscape and then re-envision how data could be collected, stored, used and disseminated more productively in the future. In this webinar, the first in a 3-part series, we’ll discuss the view that emerged from looking at a number of major library surveys and data collection tools, and consider opportunities to pursue a national action plan to move the field toward ever-more meaningful measures. Register

Measures that Matter Part Two: Detailing the Data-based Story of Public Libraries

June 13, 3:00pm Eastern

In the United States, there are a number of national surveys of public libraries and their patrons. While all of these efforts help us tell a data-based story of public libraries, they differ in terms of their samples, what types of data they collect, and how their data are collected, stored, and accessed. During the first webinar in this three-part series, we scanned the landscape of major public library surveys and considered how library data could be used more productively in the future. In this second webinar, we will drill deeper into the concepts of sampling, data types, and data management, and how they impact what we know about public libraries and their patrons. At the end of this webinar, participants will have a greater understanding of various sampling methods, recognize the differences between inputs, outputs, and outcomes, and be aware of the data management practices for various national public library surveys.
This webinar is the second in a three-part series about the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies’ Measures that Matter initiative, a field-wide discussion of the current state of public library data. Register

Driving Innovation through Collaboration: Library Perspectives

May 23, 2:00pm Eastern

Universities are moving fast. How do you stay ahead of the curve to support the changing needs of students, researchers, and faculty? In this session we’ll look at how community collaboration and open platforms can drive innovative library services and tighten connections to the academic ecosystem. Library leaders will share their perspectives, highlight the latest developments, and discuss the impact of Ex Libris community collaboration. Register

How to Drive Success in Research

Library Journal
May 25, 3:00pm Eastern

Success in research stands or falls with discovery. Discovery, after all, is the entry point to the library’s collections. With this in mind, EBSCO has focused much of its development efforts on EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), which has become the discovery service of choice for thousands of libraries worldwide. So how does EDS support success in research? From its unique approach to relevance ranking, the inclusion of subject indexes, to an array of customization options, there is much that goes into EDS. This webcast will dive into the core EDS features and functionality that drive success in research. Register

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