When Your Library Reopens – Informational Posters You Can Print


Thinking about reopening? Unsure, confused, overwhelmed?

As libraries consider reopening to the public, these emotions may run rampant.  While each library must choose the course of action best for their patrons, staff and community, the Arrowhead Library System wants to offer you some resources to create a safe and healthy library environment.

Here are some posters you can print on regular paper from any printer and put up as you deem appropriate.  All of these signs are offered for public use by ALS or government entities.

ALS Print Shop offers Be Safe Poster.

Four are from the CDC:

Two from the National Park Service are just for fun but communicate the message well:

Printing Tips:

  • > The posters are standard Adobe PDF or Jpeg files and should work well on most computer systems.
  • > They all print on standard 8-1/2” x 11” office paper.
  • > You can print them in color but they look great in black and white, also.

Please contact us with your questions, concerns and requests for support. The ALS staff and board seek to be your support and resource in this difficult time.


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