By Jodi Grebinoksi, Kathryn A. Martin Library (University of Duluth)

Did you See What I Did? Three Steps to Effective Marketing
Corie Dugas, Outreach & Public Services Librarians/Executive Director
Saint Louis University Law Library/Mid-American Law Library Consortium, St. Louis, MO

I attended the 15th Annual Brick & Click, an academic library conference, on November 6, 2015 hosted by Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. The first presentation I attended was “Did You See What I Did? Three Steps to Effective Marketing”. Libraries do lots of marketing, but I realized during this presentation that many of us might not have a marketing plan. To start off the presentation Corie asked what marketing avenues would audience like to know more about and she then presented about Twitter, Instagram and Displays. The 3 steps were Strategize, Plan, and Create.

Strategize: Who do you market to? What are you trying to market? When could you begin/ reinvigorating your marketing efforts? Where do you want to market (avenues)? Why are you Marketing?

Plan: Continuing Themes? Resources? How will you track your plan?

Create: How will you improve your visuals? How will you improve your message?

Also she reminded us to know when to stop using market avenues that are not working for the library. Overall, this presentation gave practical advice for effective marketing in different avenues and for many levels of library marketing experience.

I attended 5 other sessions throughout the day and this was a great one day conference.