Combining Records with the same Format
For more Experienced Catalogers

We are making a lot of changes to improve the catalog and if we each do a little extra we can improve the catalog much more quickly without overwhelming any one person or hiring several catalogers!
As you catalog think about merging multiple records with the same format and adding our more descriptive GMDs to records. Below is a description of how we can all do a little as we do our normal cataloging.
Search for your item to be cataloged by the ISBN number.
  • If you are lucky and find a record that matches that ISBN add your item information AND update the GMD to better describe the item.
  • If you are not so lucky, search by the item title. Often you will see several other records for that title with other ISBNs and different formats. In that case, follow these steps to update the “easy” and “obvious” records:
    • Select each of the records that match your title/author and send them all to the MARC view.
    • Look through the ISBNs attached to each record, if a record has more than one ISBN and they indicate different formats – close the record – it is going to take more time and research than I expect you to worry about!
    • For those that are left, look for the obvious clues about what format it is – text after the URL, already has a broad GMD, edition statement (it may say hardcover in ISBN but large print here so go with large print), watch out for paperbacks – check the dimensions to decide if they are mass market or a trade (21 cm or taller). Use this information to update the GMD to our more specific words.  Save and close each record as you update it.
  • Search by title again – Horizon will redisplay all the titles with the GMD changes you just made. If there is a format type that matches the item you are cataloging, then add your item information to that record.
  • If there is more than one record with that same format, select each of them and send them to the MARC view. Decide if they can be merged and with the best record visible and ONLY items that you want merged open, merge the records.
    • Remember that the visible record will be kept as is and only the item information from the dying record will be transferred. All other data from that record disappears! You must copy the ISBN’s from the dying record to the new one and if you think there is other “good” data that should be kept, then copy that into the
      surviving record BEFORE merging the records.
    • After merging, add your item information to the record that survived.