Delivery Codes and Schedules for NEMIDS in the Arrowhead Region

If you have questions, please call 218-741-3840.

The chart below shows Intransit codes used in Horizon, and Delivery Codes used by NEMIDS. The days of delivery are shown for each service using the following abbreviations: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday.

USE ONLY DELIVERY CODES on the routing slip for sending items.

Public Libraries Horizon Codes Delivery Codes NEMIDS
Aurora Public AURORA APL M-F
Babbitt Public BABBIT BAB M-F
Baudette Public BDETTE BAU M-F
Bovey Public BOVEY BOV M-F
Buhl Public BUHL BUH M,W,F
Calumet Public CALUMT CAL M,W,F
Carlton Public CTON CAR M,W,F
Chisholm Public CHISOM CHI M-F
Cloquet Public CLOQUE MCQ M-F
Coleraine Public CRAINE COL M,W,F
Cook Public COOK CPL M,W,F
Duluth Public DUD M-F
Ely Public ELY ELY M-F
Eveleth Public EVELTH EVE M-F
Gilbert Public GILBER GIL M-F
Grand Marais Public GMARAI GMP M-F
Grand Rapids Area GRAPID RAP M-F
Hibbing Public HIBBNG HBG M-F
Hoyt Lakes Public HOYT HOY M-F
International Falls Public IFALLS MIF M-F
Keewatin Public KEEWAT KPL M,W,F
Marble Public MARBLE MAR M,W,F
Moose Lake Public MOOSE MLP M-F
Mountain Iron Public MTIRON MOU M,W,F
Silver Bay Public SILVER SIL M-F
Two Harbors Public TWOHAR TWO M-F
Virginia Public VRGNIA VAP M-F
School Libraries Horizon Codes Delivery Codes NEMIDS
Deer River School District
Deer River High School DHSDRR DRR M,W
King Elementary School KSSDRR DRR/KSS (M,W)
Ely School District
Ely High School EHSESC ESC M,R
Washington Elementary School WESESC ESC/WES (M,R)
Eveleth-Gilbert School District
Eveleth-Gilbert High School EGSEGS EGS T
Eveleth-Gilbert Nelle Shean Junior High School NSJEGS NSJ R
Franklin Elementary School FESEGS EGS/FES (T)
Grand Marais School District
Cook County Middle and High School MHSCCS CCS/MHS M,W
Grand Rapids School District
Bigfork School BGFGND GND/BGF (M,W)
Grand Rapids Middle School GPMGND GND/GPM (M,W)
Grand Rapids High School GHSGND GND M,W
International Falls School District
Falls High School FHSFAL MIF/FAL (M-F)
Falls Elementary School FELFAL MIF/FEL (M-F)
Lake Superior School District
Minnehaha Elementary School MMSLKS TWO/MMS (M-F)
Two Harbors High School THSLKS TWO/LKS (M-F)
William Kelley (Silver Bay) School SHSLKS SIL/SHS (M-F)
Mountain Iron-Buhl School District
Merritt Elementary School MRTMIB MRT M,W
Mountain Iron-Buhl High School MHSMIB MRT/MIB (M,W)
Nashwauk-Keewatin School District
Nashwauk-Keewatin High School NKHNKE NKE M,W
Keewatin Elementary School NESNKE NKE/KES (M,W)
North Shore Community School District
North Shore Community School NSELKS NSS T
Regional Library Systems Horizon Codes Delivery Codes NEMIDS
Arrowhead Library System ALS ALV M-F
Academics and Other Agencies Horizon Codes Delivery Codes NEMIDS
Iron Range Research Center IRR M,W
Minitex MII M-F


Effective January 1, 2015, all sites will receive courier service as listed on the schedule above. Those school sites with days shown in parenthesis share a delivery with one school site or library in the school district.

The Nashwauk High School receives delivery year round, other K-12 schools only receive delivery during the school months.