As state library agencies explore ways to efficiently share webinars available to the library community, has agreed to host a list of free webinars from providers across the country, as compiled by Jamie Markus, Wyoming State Library. You can always view the webinars for the current month at the above link. (Thank you, Jamie and WJ!) (Scroll past the list of titles to view a list of webinars by date, including description and links.) Note: The WebJunction list is not currently archived. It changes from month-to-month. See link below for lists of past webinars and Central time.

On the Horizon in Minnesota

More Learning Opportunities for the Minnesota Library Community: 
·For Minnesota-sponsored events, live and online, visit the WebJunction Minnesota Learning page, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Event Calendar, and the Minitex Event Calendar. Many library systems and associations also offer event listings.
·For free, online, self-paced courses, sign in on the WebJunction Courses page; or, Request WebJunction Course Access to obtain an account, and then select from the course catalog. Without signing in, anyone can glance at the course catalog preview. Course providers include Skillsoft, Element K, and Library U.
·For advance registration in free WebJunction webinars, view the “Upcoming Webinars” feed on (See lower right.)
·For free webinars offered during the current month by various providers, visit, For lists of past “Free Library Webinars”, from providers across the country, visit this search link at BlogJunction Minnesota,
Please submit additions and changes to maryann dot vancura at state dot mn dot us.

Mary Ann Van Cura
State Library Services