Register now for the Lake
Superior Libraries UnSymposium
, where you
determine the conversation!
At your typical conference, the sessions
have been planned months, if not years in advance, so the most current, pressing
concerns in Library Land are relegated to informal conversations that pop up
along the sidelines.
At the Lake Superior Libraries UnSymposium,
sidelines are the conference
. Topics and agendas are determined in a
bottom-up, democratic manner, rather than being handed down from on high.
Everyone wants to talk about how publishers are handling e-books? Done. You’re
the only one who wants to talk about the classification of old-timey radio
programs? Too bad. Join your brethren in informative conversation and don’t
forget to check out the tech petting zoo. This is an event for folks who want to
actively participate (see: unconference). Interested in facilitating a discussion? Read
this first: How to run a great unconference session.
You’ll come
away from the UnSymposium invigorated by lively discussions and ready to take
new ideas and excitement back to your library.

Kim Pittman

Reference & Instruction Librarian
of Minnesota Duluth Library,