Clean water, libraries, police and fire lead the way among city bean counters
For the third year in a row, Minnesota State Fair attendees visiting the “Cities Matter” booth administered by the League of Minnesota Cities 
had opportunities to be a “city bean counter.” Each person was given a
six-bean budget with a goal of deciding how to “spend” their beans among
eight different city services. They were permitted to allocate all of
their beans to a single service, or to divide them any way they wished.
Through playing the game, visitors quickly got a better understanding of
the tough budgeting decisions that city officials are required to make.
They also received “Mayor for the Day” buttons.  Here are the results
from the 2012 State Fair.

Clean Water: 6,186
Libraries: 5,480
Police: 5,184
Fire: 4,768
Parks & Rec: 4,473
Streets & Sidewalks: 4,438
Senior Services: 4,159
Sewers & Garbage: 4,065

Visit the Cities Matter facebook page to see images from the Cities Matter booth.

{Posting originally blogged by
Don Reeder of the League of Minnesota Cities}