Two Harbors, MN
TWO HARBORS – Two decades ago, the Two Harbors Public Library just had books, one computer and photocopy machine.

“And some VHS tapes and that was about it,” said Shannon Haveri with the Two Harbors Public Library.

But today, it, along with other local libraries, has stayed true
to its historic nature, but kicked its services into the 21st century.

“We’re just trying to change with the times,” said Haveri. “It’s more of a service than just providing stuff now.”

“We’re now more the navigators helping people sift through all of the
information to find something that’s relevant to them,” said Duluth
Public Library manager Carla Powers.

Here, the options exceed curling up and taking home stimulating novels and other types of books.

More high tech resources are now available like Wi-Fi,
downloading e-books and audio books or even accessing the library’s
database outside the building.

“So if people are at home working on a car they can look up how to fix it and the schematics and everything,” said Haveri.

At the Duluth Public Library, you can actually check out a nook or e–reader.

“If we didn’t evolve and change we wouldn’t be relevant to people,” said Powers.

Their newest venture is a section that allows you to check out seeds.

“We worked with other community partners to gather these seeds,” said
Powers. “Loan them out to people and help people grow them and come up
with crops that are successful.”

If you physically can’t make it to the library, there is now a service that allows you to call in, place an order and they’ll deliver the books to you.

“Really important for us to provide these services for people that need them,” said Powers.

One of the best parts about all of these new and improved services is that for the most part, they’re free.

Librarians tell FOX 21use of local libraries is going up because they offer more than just books.