Field 245 consists of the title proper(a), the general material designation (gmd)(h), remainder of title(b), and the statement(s) of responsibility(c).

The GMD term appears in lowercase letters and is enclosed within brackets.

It follows the title proper (‡a) and part information (‡n, ‡p).

It precedes the subtitle or parallel/foreign title (‡b) and statement of responsibility (‡c).

Punctuation Rules – Think backwards! Punctuation is at the end of sub-fields but what punctuation you use identifies the type of information that follows it.

.  Field 245 always ends with a period

.   Always precedes $n number and $p name of parts

/ Always precedes the $c statement of responsibility

:  Always precedes the $b remainder of the title unless it is a foreign title then it is preceded by an equal sign (=)

The normal pattern is: (note the punctuation and extra spacing around it)

245 0 _ ‡a Title ‡h [general material description] : ‡b subtitle or other title information / ‡c statement of responsibility.

More detailed examples:

245 1 4 ‡a The printer’s manual ‡h [hardcover] / ‡c by Caleb Stower ; with a new introduction by John Bidwell.

245 1 0 ‡a Daily report. ‡p People’s Republic of China ‡h [microform] / ‡c FBIS.

245 1 4 ‡a The Ninety-Six, a cattle ranch in northern Nevada ‡h [vhs] / ‡c produced by the American Folklife Center.

245 1 0 ‡a Statistics of road traffic accidents in Europe and North America. $n Vol. 51, 2007 ‡h [downloadable ebook].

245 1 0 ‡a Once upon a time the United Nations $h [dvd] : ‡b 50 years for peace.

245 1 3 ‡a La mer ‡h [music cd] : ‡b Khamma ; Rhapsody for clarinet and orchestra / ‡c Claude Debussy.

245 1 3 ‡a Le bureau ‡h [large print] = ‡b La Oficina = Das Büro.    (example of foreign title)

245 1 4 ‡a The Green bag ‡h [periodical] : ‡b a useless but entertaining magazine for lawyers.

Here is a quick guide our current list of GMD codes:


downloadable ebook
downloadable audiobook
online resource (electronic items that can be read/listened to from the browser window)

music cd
book on cd
book on cassette

large print
trade paperback
board book


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