MEMO Conference
October 11 & 12, 2012
St. Cloud Kelly Inn

I was fortunate enough to attend the fall conference of the MEMO organization this year.
I have not attended for several years and was glad to be able to be among library media
professionals again.

Just being with others who share my passion, concerns, frustrations and who
understand “where I am coming from” was great.

I attended a number of worthwhile sessions and the keynote speakers were entertaining
and informational.

There were 2 sessions that I found especially helpful in my work as a K-12 librarian in 3
schools in Virginia.

The first session that I would like to discuss is the one put on by Mackin VIA
about adding eBooks to our library catalog. EBooks and school libraries is an evolving
entity. Mackin has worked to create an app that helps make school library eBooks
usable with iPads. Publishers are “all over the place” when it comes to eBooks and
access – and it is incredibly tough to keep track of everything. In Virginia we have 46
eBooks and I expect that number to rise. These are just eBooks that we have
purchased and are only accessible to our students.

The other session I was extra glad to attend was the one put on by MINITEX
about the updates and changes in ELM – Electronic Library for Minnesota. I try to show
our high school student researchers and teachers this site and wish more would use it. I
was interested to see that they have created a version of ELM for iPhones, using size of
screen to determine which version is seen on the userʼs end. I have shown students this
interesting feature by shrinking the window at the ELM site, and the format changes to
accommodate the smaller or larger screen.

I believe I was the only school librarian from the Arrowhead region. I think I saw
someone from Cloquet but Iʼm not sure if that was her. I did see a couple of colleagues
from the Anoka-Hennepin school district and it was nice to touch base with them.
Thank you for the financial assistance that helped me be able to attend this important

Jill Hietala
Virginia Public Schools