MEMO Conference 2013: St.
Cloud Convention Center
Renee Henderson
Digital Media Specialist
ISD 317 Deer River
Session Titled: Rules of Engagement ~ Doug
Doug Johnson,
author of the Blue Skunk Blog, shared with media professionals at this year’s
MEMO conference about the differences between entertainment and engagement when
working with students. He talked about the purpose behind the tasks that we ask
of students and what kind of an impact we want those tasks to have. Tasks need
to be relevant to what we expect students to know when working with media
including digital and print resources.
Doug also shared 5
strategies for dealing with distracting devices in the classroom and in the
media center. He cautioned teacher librarians to set clear expectation, and to
limit the use of devices at the beginning until structure is well-rooted. This
time in training students to use digital resources respectfully and responsibly
should be use to “enhance traditional practices”. We need to restructure the
educational workspace because the way learning is happening is changing.
The hardware that
we hold in our buildings and libraries should be looked at for how it is being
utilized currently and what changes we need to make in future implementation to
meet AASL and ISTE standards. Opportunities for students to ask questions and
solve problems is a key component to making engagement authentic.
Morning Keynote on Saturday with Joyce
Joyce shared with
media professionals on Saturday morning, many resources to help students
understand their digital footprints. She shared a video clip from the Spiderman
movie with a phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”. She used
this clip to help us understand the importance of teaching students how to use
media with responsibility. Social networking sites are being utilized to
collaborate with peers around the world. Students must be taught what
responsible use looks like.
Joyce shared tools
for digital storytelling, news searches, eportfolios, and curriculum ideas for
teaching digital citizenship. She shared the connected learning model and the
model of inquiry as models to help build educational appropriate and relevant
lessons for student pertaining to media use. I enjoyed hearing Joyce talk of
ways she builds library use by adding clubs and making her library one where
students feel comfortable. Her media center encourages engagement and learning.
Students are taking active roles in decorating, and giving ideas for what they
would like to see in the media center.