Minnesota/RMS Titanic Connections
Leading up to the April 15, 1912, anniversary of the sinking
of the great ship, Christopher Welter archivist at Minnesota Discovery Center,  will provide a condensed version of his
article, “Voices Cast Upon the Sea: Minnesota’s Titanic Passengers,” which was published in the autumn 2007 issue
of Minnesota History magazine. Welter
will speak about several individuals from northern Minnesota, including from
the Iron Range and Duluth. Here follows an excerpt from Welter’s article:
            “Back in April, 1912, men, women,
and children had ascended Titanic’s gangways. The contingent included current
and would-be residents of Minnesota. Counted among this group were the affluent
and the immigrant, the lay and the clergy, the fortunate and the luckless. All
would be either observer or victim of the ship’s fate. Familiar in its scope,
the narrative is yet extraordinary for it was witnessed, experienced, told,
recorded, and remembered by persons who called or intended to make Minnesota
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