Starting January 1st we will have four new locations available on our Museum Passes!  The new additions are:

  • Tweed Museum of Art on the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus,
  • US Hockey Hall of Fame Museum in Eveleth,
  • Hibbing Historical Society Museum in the Hibbing Memorial Building Arena, and
  • International Wolf Center in Ely
Tickets will be valid from January 1st to March 31st and will be available at local libraries starting December 31st.
Also on the free passes will be museums listed below:

  • Bois Forte Heritage Center
  • Carlton County Historical Society
  • Duluth Children’s Museum
  • Ely-Winton Historical Society
  • Forest History Cemter
  • Glensheen
  • Judy Garland Children’s Museum
  • Lake County Historical Society
  • Minnesota Discovery Center
  • Minnesota Museum of Mining
  • North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum