By Emily Ekstrand-Brummer, Hibbing Public Library

The Minnesota Library Association Public Library
Division (PLD) Day conference was so great! There were awesome presentations about
library security and maker spaces, and there was a maker space petting zoo.
They had tons of fancy stuff like a 3-D Printer and vinyl laser cutter, but
while everyone was crowded around those I had my own fun playing with
electricity, circuits, and wires. The St. Paul Public Library has circuit kits
where you can mess around with batteries, wires, switches, and clamps to do
things like make a light bulb

 turn on, make a motor spin, or make a buzzer buzz.
They also had cards with challenges on them, for example, try to make a switch
turn on a light and motor at the same time. I had so much fun playing with it
and learned about wiring and problem solving. All of the materials are really
cheap and available at any hardware store. I hope to get this for the Hibbing
Public Library, so if you want to see it for yourself, stop by and try it out!