Shelly Ceglar – Mountain Iron-Buhl Media Specialist

I was very excited to be able to attend this year. Although it was only Saturday due to working duties on Friday, it was a great day. The scholarship help is appreciated.

Ningiknoo’imaagewikwew. Nindojibwem niibowa. Dash nindonjibaa Gaawaabaabiganikaag. Nlngikendawaag Linda Grover, Consie Powell, idash Anton Treur. (I am a teacher. I speak Ojibwe a lot. And I originate from White Earth. I know Linda Grover, Consie Powell, and Anton Treuer.) The time allotted to American Indian literature and the stores were great. I was able to buy the books needed for K-12 and personally. And catch up with old friends and colleagues. The author and illustrator signatures are frosting on the cake!

To talk books with the authors and listen to Dr. Anton Treuer speak was something I have been wanting to do. The entire American Indian story needs to be spoken, written and shared. Historically the language was only oral. Now the language is DIGITAL. How I wish The People were lifted up from the tragedies of historical circumstances. I believe books and libraries can be collaborative partners to help.

At Spotlight on Books I was able to pick up posters and postcards for my English teachers and library. I bought books for the elementary. And supporting local writers is important. We are a talented bunch in Minnesota. To have the books to look through and ask questions of the authors was fun. I listened, too. I was invited to Hamline University to take their course on writing children’s books. That is very interesting. I can not stop thinking about it.

As a painter and longtime art crazed lady, I was very impressed by Eric Rohman’s talk about book illustrating. His talents and suggestions for telling a story with his beautiful paintings is quite remarkable. It helps when reading to children, when to slow down or speed, or allow thinking time. It was very worthwhile as I read aloud to primary children almost every week.

Thank you again for having the conference and supporting our attendance with the scholarship.