From an MLA 2009 session, “Putting the You in You Tube,” I am sharing some quick and not very costly ideas to do with teens and tweens using a flip camera. ALS has a flip camera library staff can borrow.

1. Hold a teen video contest instead of a writing contest. There is no need to purchase editing software. It is available free on the web. Have the kids make a 1 to 5 minute video. They have to mention the name of the library, and one of the shots has to be in the library or outside the library showing the library’s name. The teens post the videos on You Tuble. Have the staff judge the videos. Teens can work as individuals or as a group. (The teens open their own account on You Tube and follow the copyright posted on You Tube).

2. Collaborate with your local cable company to donate their time to teach the teeens/tweens how to do video taping. Session 1–they pick the subject. Session 2–they do the storyboard. Session 3–they do the editing. This idea is more time-consuming.