Several libraries create short order records  when they order items through acquisitions to allow patrons to place holds before the items arrive.

If you just received an item that has only a short order record available in Horizon, you have a couple of choices on how to handle it.

First, you can add your item and wait until another library fully catalogs the item.  If you are NOT comfortable with overlaying or merging records this is the best option.

Second, more experienced catalogers can import the full record from OCLC and then merge the two records together.

Keep in mind that “merging” is really completely overlaying  the original record and can NOT be undone! So look carefully at what information is in the first record before merging any records.  Here is a link to instructions for merging records but if you are not comfortable merging records, email the title to: and I will be happy to merge them and protect the data.