Project Compass Workshops  Minnesota Library Association Conference   October 13, 2011
Useful nuggets and resources that can be used for improving Library services to job seekers and entrepreneurs:
The presentation of 21st Century Library Shifts provided a concise summary of how libraries are changing which I can use in discussing changes with my staff, my Library Board, and the City Council.  (p 6 of the Project Compass Workforce Recovery Workshops   booklet available on Web Junction.
The handout of 56 Things you (your library) can do provides a very useful quick list of ideas that can be further developed for supporting job seekers and small businesses.
Connecting with local (MN) resources was useful:
  • MELSA Jobs & Small Business initiative Including jobs and small business resources pages on MELSA site.   (Contact: Melinda Ludwiczak:, Chad Lubbers, )
  • Ramsey County Library Job Seeker and Small Business Assistance Project  is developing a variety of services  (Contact: Mary Moran: )
  • I was looking for curricula for computer training classes and was able to connect with someone who could provide outlines. 
  • One workshop participant reported that their local workforce center gave them copies of the Creative Job Search workbook.
Small business:  The SCORE site has many resources for small business start-up and development, including business plan templates.
The Pathways (core services, job seekers, small business and personal finance) presented in the Project Compass Workbook provide a wealth of resources and examples for developing services.  I will be spending time with the workbook and reviewing many of the examples to develop plans for our own services.
  • Training on providing resources and information is available for library staff on Web Junction at  including archived webinars, handouts and articles.                                     (Contact: Jennifer Peterson: )
  •   The online version Project Compass Workforce Recovery Workshops  includes live links to resources.  This provides an easy way to review a wide variety of resources and examples.  
Marcia Anderson
Grand Rapids Area Library