April is National Car Care Month

Gale Cengage Learning 
February 24, 2:00pm EST
Chilton has set the standard in auto repair know-how for 100+ years. Join the car care experts for a timely and informative webinar: See a demo of the ChiltonLibrary features that are most popular with your patrons; learn about recent product enhancements such as a mobile optimization and ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology, and the addition of content from Ford and Chrysler; Preview our National Car Care Month Promo Toolkit—and see how you can promote trusted Chilton content with Facebook and Twitter posts, posters, and flyers, bookmarks, and much more! Don’t miss a great opportunity to learn more about ChiltonLibrary and receive your FREE toolkit packed with professional marketing materials to help you spotlight your library’s automation resources. Register

How to Plan and Implement a Storytime for Grown Ups

State Library Services 
March 3, 12:30pm-4:30pm at Roseville Library (1280 North Hamline Ave.)
Registration free, but limited to 30—Join Joe Manion, Library Development and Service Specialist with State Library Services, and Tim Claussen, Reader and Trainer, to learn how to create and deliver a storytime program designed for individuals living in senior residences (apartments, assisted living, care facilities, etc.). Participants are encourage to complete some simple pre-work, which is optional. To help maximize your training time, come with possible storytime theme (or two) that would appeal to senior residents in your library’s service area. As inspiration strikes, add authors and story/excerpt selections that fit your theme to start fleshing out your storytime program. Bring two copies of one, lengthy paragraph (or similar-sized section) from a selection you have chosen. Depending on time, we will use the examples to practice delivery and stimulate brainstorming. Register

OverDrive’s Special Webcast: Create Reading Happiness

February 18, 11:00am & 7:00pm EST
Join OverDrive for a special webcast – Create Reading Happiness. With happy readers being the core of a successful library community, we’ve put together a presentation to show you how to get the most out of your OverDrive service and keep patrons smiling.

In this webcast, we’ll share ideas and best practices to help your library:
  • Leverage your digital collection to reach new and under-represented segments of your community.
  • Diversify your collection with different formats and access models that escalate interest.
  • Get the most out of your OverDrive platform with free or low-cost add-on service enhancements.
  • Use data to maximize your library’s budget and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Look ahead at the new OverDrive, a groundbreaking platform that will make the user experience a breeze. Register

Maker Workshop

School Library Journal 4-week Online Course 
March 9 fee $215 (Save 10% with Promo Code LTCASLSUB)
Back by popular demand—with all new content—this 4-week online course, will put you up close with innovative experts spanning school, public, and academic settings and beyond to discuss up-to-the-minute topics and tools fueling innovation and supporting learning and community engagement. Course sessions will explore multiple technologies, digital making, STEAM, web literacy, and so much more. Register

Romancing the Book Club

February 10, 2:00pm EST
Romance readers are among libraries’ greatest patrons, but the romance genre is often overlooked as a choice for book clubs. Join NoveList’s Lisa Schimmer and former Romance Writers of America Librarians of the year Jennifer Lohmann and Wendy Crutcher as they discuss why romance specific book clubs are a great way to engage the local romance reading community, how to use them to bring readers into the library, and different methods of running a reading group dedicated to romance. Register

Remember the Ladies: Education

February 17, 1:00pm Central
Join us for the first webinar in our Remember the Ladies series! This session focuses on women and education. Attendees will develop an understanding of how to access government information that is rich with factoids about women and education. Register

Case Studies for Open Science

Library Journal
February 9, 3:00pm EST
The Open Science initiative aims to make research and data accessible to and reusable by the broadest possible audience through open publication, open peer review, and open access. This webcast will describe and highlight open science trends and activities outside of libraries, and we’ll hear specific examples of the role librarians and libraries are playing to help fuel this transition by improving availability and adoption rates. Register

Session 2: Using Technology to Engage the Reluctant Reader

School Library Journal 
February 17, 3:00pm EST
In this free, resource-rich presentation, you’ll learn how to use online tools to instill a love of literature in new and reluctant readers. From virtual book clubs to the creative use of Instagram and Pinterest, this program will show how students can find the right book, share it with their peers, and expand their writing skills. An expert on the intersection of technology and literacy. Register

What’s New in Women’s Fiction

Cisco WebEx February 23, 1:00pm
Whether it’s fun and fluffy chick lit or a tense and soapy “issue-driven” novel, women’s fiction is likely to be a favorite category with your patrons. Join representatives from Amazon Publishing, Harlequin, Penguin Random House, and Thorndike Press for this free, hour-long webinar featuring the best new women’s fiction titles. Register

Do Students Know What They Are Looking For?

February 12, 11:30am & March 8, 11:00am
Often when K-12 students come to AskMN, Minnesota’s statewide digital reference service, they are looking for help on a particular assignment. Sometimes students will just copy and paste the original assignment from their teacher into the text field of the chat session. K-12 students are beginner researchers and, as such, need guidance on building search strategies and locating authoritative resources. AskMN Librarians work with students to identify the key concepts from assignments and show students how to create search strategies from them. Register

New Spring Nonfiction for the Library, Classroom and Home

Library Journal
February 10, 3:00pm EST
With the elevated emphasis of higher learning standards, providing patrons with informative, high-quality (and highly appealing) nonfiction is more vital than ever. Outstanding nonfiction is key to meeting the needs of all readers, from the very youngest library users to high school students. Register

Best Practices for Increasing Usages of Your E-Book Collection

Library Journal
February 18, 3:00pm EST
Your library offers thousands of e-books alongside your print collection. Now what? Is your e-book investment being utilized? Are e-books contributing to your academic mission? Is your faculty capitalizing on the benefits e-books and do students know how to use them successfully? 

Get to bottom of these questions with evidence-based management tools, curriculum integration and planning tips, and new user experience features for improved usability. Learn how your peers are integrating e-books at their institutions, engaging faculty, and driving usage to demonstrate the value of their e-book investment. Register

Graphic Design for Maximum Engagement

March 24, 11:00am Central
The future is a visual place. The media is dominated by image-based sharing. Carefully designed ads and brands are constantly bombarding us. Such a visually stimulated world raises important questions about visual literacy, but it also asks questions about how libraries are communicating without words. What do our materials and use of images say about us? How are we engaging our communities with intentional graphic design?

This session will begin with basic graphic design principles and apply them to various print and electronic materials with the purpose of effectively communicating messages and engaging with communities. Emphasis will be placed on the practical considerations of the design process, software choices, where to find useful materials for including in designs, and places to be inspired. Attendees will leave with many free resource suggestions and an understanding of how to use design principles to create all kinds of materials from handouts and event posters to infographics and syllabi. Register

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