Engaged and Inclusive: Libraries Embracing Racial Equity and Social Justice

Public Library Association
June 8, 1:00pm Central

Public libraries across the country readily embrace their role as centers for democracy and civic participation. But what role should libraries play in advancing social justice and addressing persistent racial inequities? When it comes to community transformation, how can a social justice lens and racial equity tools guide us to be more engaged and inclusive at all levels of our work? Register

Project Outcome User Panel

June 9, 1:00pm Central

Would you like to hear from other libraries using Project Outcome? This webinar will feature a panel of Project Outcome users who will share their experiences, including success and challenges, in surveying adult programming using the Project Outcome Education/Lifelong learning and Digital Learning surveys. Register

Celebrating Diversity: A Discussion on Children’s Literature That Reflects Today’s World

School Library Journal
June 8, 3:00pm EDT

Diversity is more than just a trend. It’s the reality that we all face as our country becomes more complex multifaceted, and rich in different ethnicities, religions, backgrounds and ways of life. As educators, book creators, and publishers serving the most diverse generation of children and teens in the United States ever, how can we better provide them with the right materials to meet their needs? Register

Web Design Basics for Librarians

June 6, continuing for 4 weeks
fee $175.00

This self-paced hands-on course focuses on the basics of Web standards, Web site planning, design, and construction. Students will complete learning activities to develop HTML5 and external CSS construction skills, and validate HTML5 and CSS standards. Practice in accessibility validation and simple usability testing will complete a solid grounding in good practices. Students will complete needs assessment and design plan worksheets for a project of their choice. Register

Evaluating Youth Lit

Library Journal
June 9, 4:00pm EDT

Writing or Illustrating a book for kids is easy, right? Those of us who work with children’s books for a living can say emphatically that “no, it isn’t!”

Sure, most people can read a book and tell right away whether it’s great or not-so-great. But what is it, exactly, that makes the difference? Join us as we cover the various elements that come together to create a book that kids will love, whether it’s the writing, the illustrations, or another bit of magic. Register

Tips for Story Time Success

June 14, 1:00pm CDT

Looking to spice up your story time repertoire? Katie Fitzgerald, formerly of the DC Public Library, will share tips and tricks for performing engaging story times from her new book, Story Time Success: A Practical Guide for Librarians. Register

LLAMA (Library Leadership & Management Association) webinar

June 8, 1:30pm Central
fee $49-$59 for single person

LLAMA webinar helps you cultivate better supervisor relationships by “managing up.” How would you describe your relationship with your supervisor? Is it collaborative? Or, is it the dreaded top-down? If yours is a top-down relationship, you may be at risk for feeling powerless, disengaged and ultimately ineffective. Although you may not be able to change your boss, you can improve your relationship significantly by learning how to “Manage up.”     Register

How to Run Great Webinars

June 8, 1:30pm
fee $55.00

No matter what kind of library you work in, you know that librarianship is a profession that requires constant training and constant learning. Webinars—live training session conducted online—are an easy and effective way to provide training to people regardless of their physical location. When you conduct a webinar, not only do you create an interactive, dynamic, and flexible training resource, but one that can be recorded for future use. Register

Wyoming State Library

Training Calendar

The Changing Landscape of Library Privacy

June 15, 11:00am Pacific

Do you have concerns about patron privacy at your library? Some argue that libraries should collect, retain, and use patron data to provide better personalized services to patrons. This is a serious challenge to the profession’s ethical commitment to protecting patron privacy, especially since many platforms providing these services are operated by vendors who may not share librarians’ professional values. We’ll explore these issues and discuss possible frameworks that allow libraries to provide personalized services while maintaining their commitment to protecting patron privacy. Register

STEAM Programming for Diverse Populations

June 14, 12:00pm

STEAM programs that connect youth audiences to science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math—continue to be a particularly hot topic in libraries, with plenty of conference programs and online learning opportunities devoted to the concept. Register

Public and Health Sciences Library Collaboration for Community Impact: Lessons from the MS Buddy Project

OCLC Webjunction
June 9, 3:00pm

When public library and health library expertise combine, amazing things can happen. The MS Buddy service was created by three public library staff members and one health sciences librarian in Utah to connect patients with multiple sclerosis to accurate information and to each other through the use of the mobile technology. Join this webinar to learn about innovative collaboration, its impact, and ways you can build buy-in for health programming at your library. Register