ALA Annual Tech Wrap-up

Cisco WebEx
July 7, 1:00pm Central

If you’ve ever been to an ALA Conference, you know that there’s always a lot of tech to see and never enough time to see it all. Whether you’re unable to attend this year or you just want to get a good run-down of what you may have missed, our free webinar has got you covered! Our expert panel will discuss what they learned and what trends stood out at the conference and take some audience questions as well! Register.

Web Design Basics for Librarians

July 11, continue for 4 weeks

Fee $175.00

HTML elements are the basic building blocks of every webpage, so a little coding skill can yield big gains in effective communication and efficient website maintenance. With basic HTML skills, you can add links to your press releases, customize your Facebook page, or update your library’s website. Register

High-Performance Leadership

Training Industry
June 23, 1:00pm EST

While coaching Fortune 500 CEOs, Marshall Goldsmith discovered that most leaders need to learn what not to do—and how to escape their self-limiting habits—in order to move to the next level. Register

Many Paths to Conversation: techniques for successful ESL clubs

July 14, 12:00pm Pacific

ESL (English as a Second Language) Conversation Clubs are simple and inexpensive programs that make a big impact. In just an hour a week, you can create lasting connections between people, the library and your community. Staff from three different public libraries will share their best practices, presenting a range of styles and activities that can be adapted to meet your community’s needs. Register

Grooming Young Professionals for Success in an Age of Change

Training Magazine Network
July 13, 10:00am Pacific

As of 2015, millennials became the largest generation in the workforce and are driving permanent transformations that will change the course of your business. Yet all young professionals were not created alike. In this participatory webinar, we’ll discuss the motivations and development needs of three very different cohorts of workers, including your rising early millennial managers, your late millennial junior staff, and the Generation Z students you must begin understanding and building relationships with if you wish to remain competitive in the near future. Register