The Librarian’s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Content Marketing Workshop

July 20, 3:00pm Eastern
Fee $55.00

Has your library been promoting itself online through various social media channels? Have you seen mixed results? One way to be more effective online is by moving beyond the promotional mindset of traditional marketing and by embracing a different way of creating content that will engage and help serve the needs of your community. Are you ready to make your library’s online efforts more effective? Welcome to content marketing. Register

Cutting the Red Tape: Finding and Using E-Government Tools and Resources eCourse

ALA Store
September 12, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $200.00

E-government tools and resources bring many people to your library for such activities as filing and paying taxes online, locating Medicare/Medicaid providers and reviews, checking student loan status, tracking regulatory changes for industries, monitoring ongoing legislation as well as codified law and court rulings, and much more. This hands-on eCourse also explores the information published online by the U.S. Federal government through the Government Printing Office and specific agencies and government branches. Register

Captioning Instructional Videos

August 1-28
Fee $100-$210

Library staff have found short instructional videos to be an effective way to help readers use resources, even when the library is closed. However, patrons who are deaf or those with hearing loss cannot get the full benefit unless the videos have captions. Unfortunately, technology has not provided a flawless solution. Speech recognition is still an imperfect tool. Planning and attention to detail are needed to create useful and meaningful captions. Register

Coding for Everyone: How Your Library Can Help Anyone Learn to Code

July 19, 3:00pm Eastern

Computer programming, or coding, is a digital literacy skill that has become as important as reading and writing. Learning to code builds rational thinking and problem-solving skills, providing powerful tools that transfer to other subjects and create lifelong learners. Libraries have stepped up to help everyone learn the basics of coding. In this webinar, learn why coding is important for everyone. Register

Connecting with Your Community: Finding and Serving Patrons in New Spaces

Library Journal
July 31, 3:00pm ET

Libraries are continually adjusting service methodology in an effort to improve the patron experience. Recent developments in technology and changing user expectations are prompting public libraries across the country to reimagine how and where they deliver outreach and patron services to match the evolving needs of their communities. Many have found that creating temporary library locations in the community or reconfiguring existing spaces within the library offer unique opportunities to connect with new users and engage current patrons in more meaningful ways. Register

Improving Interpersonal Communication

September 12, 12-week Asynchronous Advanced ecourse
Fee $500

To run an efficient organization that offers successful library services and fosters a collaborative work environment, effective communication skills are necessary. In this Advanced eCourse, Dr. Sue Alman—an experienced instructor and expert in interpersonal communication—will explore some of the factors that affect interpersonal communications. You’ll come out of this eCourse with valuable tips that will help you understand different perspectives and recognize communication preferences among individuals. Register

Navigating the Learning Ecosystem

Training Industry
August 22, 1:00pm EST

How do you decide what learning solution will be most effective for your organization? Understanding your learning ecosystem is the first step. Your host, JPL Learning Solutions Manager Jenny Fedullo, will guide you through the sea of factors to consider before deploying your next training initiative. Register