Apps for Librarians
American Library Association 
Fee $250.00 
January 11, 5 week eCourse
Learn about the most useful apps available on tablet and mobile devices and how they can be applied in your library to create the best learning experiences for your patrons and students. Mobile apps are empowering for people of all ages and abilities. Contrary to the popular idea that apps are only useful for “consumption,” the best apps are being used effectively as tools to enable learning and knowledge creation. In this eCourse, Nicole Hennig will show you how to incorporate apps as learning tools at your library.
Go Back to School with Schoolhouse Rock!: Judicial Process
December 16, 11:00am Central
Join us for the final webinar in our Go Back to School with Schoolhouse Rock series! This session focuses on the final branch of government, the judiciary. Before the session, learners will watch Three Ring Government from Schoolhouse Rock! Clark and Beck will elaborate on the content in the video and use it to test your knowledge. By starting with this video intended for an elementary audience, we will layer on more advanced content about the different levels of the judiciary branch as well as tie together the previous sessions on the executive and legislative branches. The end result is attendees developing an understanding of the judiciary system as well as an awareness of the freely available and fee-based reference tools. Register
Meeting Evolving Nonprofit Regulations and Standards in 2016
December 9, 2:00pm EST
Nonprofit accounting regulations and standards continue to evolve—from determining fair market value on unconditional promises, to reporting classifications for restricted funds. How do you ensure accountability and compliance in all facets of your financial management? Join us as nonprofit accounting expert, Jacki Tiso of JMT Consulting explains how nonprofits can leverage their accounting systems to effectively meet and comply with ever evolving regulations and standards. Register
Using Data to Better Serve Your Community
December 8, :00pm ET
Analytics can position your library to better meet the needs of its patrons. Once you know exactly who is and isn’t using its products and services, you can affect change and focus outreach and collections based on real community data. Article
Library Design Workshop
January 27, 2016 (4 week course)
Library renovations and new design projects can be exciting, and overwhelming. This workshop will connect you to leading design thinkers and librarians to help you untangle complex issues related to your library’s space design projects such as: space programming, fundraising, and finding the right design team. Participants will learn how to craft a robust report that you can deliver to your board, administration, staff, funders, and other stakeholders about creating a future-facing library building for your community-be it in a public or academic setting. Learn time-saving strategies from leading design thinkers, architects and librarians in live keynote sessions (via webcast) and get personalized feedback on your plans in an online workshop setting from dedicated program facilitators experienced in library design. Discover your priorities, make a plan for board or administration involvement, and untangle complex issues related to your library space design. Register