Makerspaces for Public Libraries

EBSCO Industries, Inc
August 30, 2:00pm Eastern

A MakerSpace is dedicated area in a library where people can think, invent, build and more. Brandi Young, Integration Librarian at INFOhio, shares ways to implement a MakerSpace in your library. In a MakerSpace, it’s okay to fail. MakerSpaces teach dedication, creativity and collaboration—all skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing world. A MakerSpace also creates a community within your community with the library at the heart of it all. Register

Financial Management and Budgeting for Librarians eCourse

October 3, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

Managing a budget and handling basic financial literacy can be daunting and overwhelming, but the ability to do so is crucial for librarians. In this course, Sean Gaffney, librarian and financial analyst, will guide you through concepts like revenue models, budget types, internal controls, resource allocation, financial planning, acquiring outside resources, and more! Register

50 Banned Books Week programming ideas


A free webinar from the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) includes more than 50 ways to celebrate this year’s Banned Books Week (Sept. 25-Oct. 1) Hosted by OIF Assistant Director (and former librarian) Kristin Pekoll, the webinar offers programming ideas from libraries across the country, from family-friendly fare to banned books beer outings and not-safe-for-work trivia contests.

Reimagining the Library Services Platform

Library Journal
August 23, 12:00pm Eastern

FOLIO, a community collaboration to develop an open source library services platform has taken shape. The FOLIO platform will support traditional resource management functionality but is open throughout and extensible at its core. By providing a platform for innovation, libraries and service providers can create applications and functionality that will deliver new and exciting services to libraries. Register

Using WebDewey and Understanding Dewey Decimal Classification—eCourse

October 3, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

With the expert cataloging instruction of Violet Fox, you will gain a comprehensive grounding in Dewey Decimal Classification® principles and practice. Starting with the basics, this eCourse will teach you how to assign DDC® numbers with correct meaning in hierarchy, build numbers using tables, and apply numbers that help patrons browse your library. Register

Back-to-School Training for Horizon School Library Staff (two sessions available)

August 25 & September 22, 9:30am-3:30pm

Arrowhead Library System Headquarters.
Audience ALS Horizon School Library Staff
Get ready for the school year by reviewing the Horizon basics-from signing up new students to checking items in & out, we’ll cover everything you’ll need to know for the 2016-2017 school year. We’ll also review other services available to school member libraries and attendees will get a building tour. Register

Back-to-Basics Training for all Horizon Libraries

August 30, 9:30am-Noon
Two Harbors Public Library
Audience: ALS Member library staff who work with Horizon

Learn all the Horizon basics—changing font size in Horizon, checking books in & out, running the pull list and more! Register

MobileCirc Training for all Horizon Libraries

August 30, 1:00-3:30pm
Two Harbors Public Library
Audience: ALS Member Library staff who work with Horizon

Learn all about MobileCirc and how to inventory your collection with ease—feel free to bring your mobile devices for an interactive experience!. Register

When Push Comes to Shove: Emotional Intelligence and Bullying Behavior

Training Industry
September 22, 1:00pm EST

Can organizations really afford to have talented individuals disengage and then leave organizations? Is it worse in times of economic downturns? Join us for this complimentary webinar, sponsored by MHS Assessments, international publisher of scientifically validated assessments. David Cory, leadership development specialist, will discuss the definition of bullying and how creating a culture of emotional intelligence can reduce the likelihood of bullying in your workplace. Register

Building Business Connections With Your Community

September 13, 12:00pm Pacific

Do you want to form meaningful relationships with the small business owners, professionals and job seekers in your public library’s community? Are members of your business community unaware of the value that their public library provides to their daily lives? In this webinar, presenter Barbara Alvarez will discuss how to take your connections with the business community to the next level through embedded networking and sustainable structured library services. Additionally, she will cover programs and initiatives, networking events, workshops and the value of creating co-working spaces in the library. Register

Teen Programming: A Mover & Shaker’s Recipe for Impact and Success

September 20, 3:00pm Eastern

When “Change Agent” Courtney Saldana was featured as a 2016 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, we were treated to a sampling of her outstanding work with teens, and knew that all libraries could benefit from hearing more. Learn about her teen programming basics along with practical and actionable steps for doing a teen needs assessment, creating a teen space and hosting a teen book fest. Courtney will also introduce us to Skills for Teen Parenting (STeP), a program connecting teens with what they need to succeed as adults and parents: how to interview successfully, dress professionally, deal with conflict and time management, care for their child, postpone or prevent a second pregnancy, and more. Expanding from local success to state-wide implementation, the STeP program embodies a wonderful example of the replicable innovation brought to the field by Movers & Shakers. Register