Putting the “Pop” in Information Literacy eCourse

October 31, continuing for 5 weeks
Fee $199.00

In this course, Dawn Stahura will offer you two tools that can make it easy to liven up your instructional sessions—popular culture and assessment. Learn how to incorporate pop culture into your instruction—through your weekly assignments, you’ll build a fully defined, one-shot instructional session using a popular-culture theme. Along the way, you’ll learn about how you can effectively assess your instruction by engaging with students to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Register

Financial Management and Budgeting for Librarians eCourse

October 3, continuing for 4 weeks

Managing a budget and handling basic financial literacy can be daunting and overwhelming, but the ability to do so is crucial for librarians. In this course, Sean Gaffney, librarian and financial analyst, will guide you through concepts like revenue models, budgets types, internal controls, resource allocation, financial planning, acquiring outside resources, and more! Register

Unlocking Pop Culture

September 29, 2:00pm Eastern

Librarians specialize in books, but some of the best readers’ advisory inspiration can be found beyond the printed page. Movies, music, TV, games, podcasts—pop culture permeates our lives. Start the right conversations and you can discover what your patrons love (and what they’d love to see in your library). Let NoveList Book Squad librarians Rebecca Honeycutt and Autumn Winters show you how fandom can drive deeper engagement at the library. Register

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) in the Library

September 14, 2:00 pm Central

Do you want to involve your community in shaping library services? Would you like to learn more about planning programs and services based on the strengths in your community? Are you seeking practical tools and processes to invite community members to become regular partners? Community engagement requires an organizational culture that embraces two key things: an asset-based model over a needs-based model, and the belief that the community has as much, if not more, to offer than library professionals. Register

Geeking Over Google and eBooks

Gale & Library Journal
October 6, 3:00pm Eastern

How do you save costs, increase shelf space, and boost usage in the 21st Century? Meeting the research needs of the 21st century library patron isn’t the simplest of endeavors. You have to make sure your collection is current and authoritative, yet comprehensive. But, aren’t you running out of shelf space? And do your patrons even know of the resources and tools you have available online, and the benefits of using them? The webinar will highlight the benefits of integrated collaboration tools available to your patrons through Gale eBooks on GVRL.

Creating the Heart of Campus: Learning from an Academic New Landmark Library

Library Journal
September 27, 3:00pm Eastern

As inspiration for creative repurposing or catalyzing learning on your campus, you can use the 2016 New Landmark Libraries to spark your own projects—from renovations to new builds. These libraries give us a glimpse into the future of academic libraries across campuses large and small. The Landmarks, named by a team of 6 expert judges from a national pool, represent forward-thinking libraries that provide data-driven research environments, spaces for a breadth of scholarly activities to take place, and building that beat in time to campus life. Register

Using Web Dewey and Understanding Dewey Decimal Classification eCourse


October 3, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

With the expert cataloging instruction of Violet Fox, you will gain a comprehensive grounding in Dewey Decimal Classification® principles and practice. Starting with the basics, this eCourse will teach you how to assign DDC® numbers with correct meaning in hierarchy, build numbers using tables, and apply numbers that help patrons browse your library. Register

Using and Understanding Library of Congress Classification eCourse


October 3, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

Robert Bothmann’s expert cataloging instructions offers you a comprehensive grounding in Library of Congress Classification (LCC) principles and practice. Starting with the basics, this eCourse will teach you how to assign LCC numbers with correct meaning in hierarchy, build numbers using tables, and apply numbers that help patrons browse your library. Register

Early Literacy Storytime Training

Arrowhead Library System
October 21, 9:00am-4:30pm

You’re invited! Early Literacy Expert Saroj Ghoting will be back in the Arrowhead region at the ALS Headquarters. She’ll be presenting her STEP into Storytime Training and focusing on effective literacy practices for mixed-age storytimes. The workshop will include the following: Information on child development; Demonstration of storytime models; Examples of how to present books/activities in different ways to meet the needs of the wide age range of children; Ways to share early literacy information as part of storytime; Time for hands-on practice and idea sharing. Workshop attendees are asked to bring the following with them: Words to an action rhyme/fingerplay or action song and a book that works well for more than one age-group (0-18 months, 18-35 months, 3-5 years). This event is open to all public, school, academic and special library staff. Register quickly there is a limit of 40.

Provide a Shortcut to Social Security Services

Minnesota State Library Services
October 4, 10:30am-11:30am

State Library Services and the Social Security Administration’s St. Paul office are presenting a webinar introducing libraries to SSA Express. The program gives people easy access to their most requested services, such as replacement SSN cards, and estimating retirement benefits. The webinar will cover how to install a secure shortcut on public computers and also how to provide access via your library’s website. Register and then attend the webinar on October 4. For more information, contact Emily Kissane

Minitex virtual course offered on digital preservation

October 11, 9:15am-12:15am
Fee $110.00 for MN residents

This online training series—based on the Library of Congress Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) Program curriculum—introduces fundamental concepts for managing your digital content over time through a series of six modules delivered in two sessions. Registration deadline is October 7. Register

Reimagining the Library Services Platform Part 2

Library Journal
September 28, 12:00pm Eastern

FOLIO, a community collaboration to develop an open source library services platform has taken shape. The FOLIO platform will support traditional resource management functionality but is open throughout and extensible at its core. By providing a platform for innovation, libraries and service providers can create applications and functionality that will deliver new and exciting services to libraries. Register

Coding Clubs: Youth Programming for Public Libraries

September 28, 11:00am Pacific

Does your library offer programs related to coding? Coding is quickly gaining traction as an essential digital skill in the 21st century, and many public libraries are offering coding classes for youth and adults as a way of promoting STEM education. The challenge is that coding is often a new skill for librarians and library staff who are responsible for offering programs. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in computer science to offer effective educational programs that teach coding skills. There are many free resources that can be used as a guide to starting a coding club at your library, no experience required. Register

Exciting New Nonfiction Title for Fall Part 2

Library Journal
September 29, 3:00 pm Eastern

School is back in session and students are flocking to the library in droves. Ensuring that you meet their academic needs while still offering them titles that will keep them turning pages is crucial. What are you doing to bolster your nonfiction collection? Our webcast on series nonfiction will guarantee that you’ll be prepared, whether your patrons are asking for materials for a social studies report or just looking for cute animals to pore over. Moderated by Della Farrell, assistant editor of SLJ reviews and editor of Series Made Simple, the webcast will highlight stellar resources from Amicus, Purple Toad, and Scholastic.