How to Deliver Great Library Customer Service

October 13, 1:30pm Central
Fee $60.00

Drawing on 20 year’s experience as a trainer and coach, Laurie Brown will show you how to create a welcoming, friendly experience for patrons, students, and other library users. Satisfied customers mean good vibes, and happy library users are part of a strong library. Register

Making in Early Elementary Grades

October 20, 1:00pm Central

Primary-aged children are natural makers. They couple their imaginations with the physical and digital worlds as they poke, prod, push, pull, pixelate, and produce. Whether using digital tools, circuits, robots, or recyclables, many of the core questions are the same: What is our role as facilitators of maker mindset and purposeful exploration? How do we set up spaces that welcome creative interactions with materials and peers? In celebration of the launch of the Makers as Innovators Junior series for K-2 students, Cherry Lake Publishing invites you to engage with these concepts and build or refine your vision for playful thinking. Register

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Crime Fiction to Quicken the Blood

October 25, 1:00pm Central

Feeling a chill in the air? Never mind that sweater—reach for a mystery or thriller! There’s no better way to keep warm than by turning the pages of a pulse-pounding read. Register now to join Booklist Executive Editor Keir Graff for our ever-popular fall mystery webinar, and listen as representatives from Houghton, Macmillan, Books on Tape, Severn House, and Soho preview the hottest crime fiction from their forthcoming lists.

The Library’s Legal Answers for Meeting Rooms

October 14, 1:30pm Central

Grounded in expert guidance, the new eBook The Library’s Legal Answers for Meeting Rooms and Displays will give you the knowledge you need to keep your library out of messy legal problems. In this free webinar, Thomas A. Lipinski will review the relevant First Amendment principle that relate to patron access in the public library setting. Register

Assessing the Library with Service Design

Library Journal
October 20, 3:00pm Eastern

Librarians are not new to designing or assessing service, but we tend to develop each service in isolation from the other services we offer, with little to no user input prior to implementation. Service design allows for a more holistic and systemic look at the various systems that make a library function. Assessing services through a systems lens helps bring the barriers and issues that users and staff may be confronting to light. Register

NISO Webinar: Internet of Things

October 19, 12:00pm Central

As the cost of sensors and the connectivity necessary to support those sensors has decreased, this has given rise to a network of interconnected devices. This network is often described as the Internet of Things and it is providing a variety of information management challenges. For the library and publishing communities, the internet of things presents opportunities and challenges around data gathering, organization and processing of the tremendous amounts of data which the internet of things is generating. How will this data be incorporated into traditional publication, archiving and resource management systems? Register

Best Practices for Selecting and using eLearning Authoring Tools

November 15, 2:00pm Central

Do you create online learning objects for information literacy instruction? Are you overwhelmed by the number of available tools out there and just aren’t sure how to select the best one? This webinar will help you learn some of the best methods for selecting an eLearning authoring tool that will fit your needs, and then will provide information on best practices for using that tool to create online learning objects. Register