Break the Cycle with Evidence-Based Analytics and Selection

Library Journal
November 9, 3:00pm Eastern

Lack of an evidence-based approach to selection and distribution in public libraries can result in buying too many titles, or the wrong titles entirely, therefore creating a cycle of “buying to weed.” In the current climate, public library spending faces increased scrutiny and patrons are faced with an overwhelming choice of how and where to access books and information. Public libraries therefore must be able to “break the cycle” by making demanding-driven selection decisions and maximizing existing items in their collection. Register

Building Great Programs Seniors Workshop

November 10, 2:30pm Eastern
Fee $60.00

By building programs that engage and attract active seniors to your library, you can help reinforce your library’s status as an important community center for residents of all ages. In this workshop, Amy Alessio will provide you with several programming ideas and tips on how to market these programs so that you can build programs that attract more seniors into your library. Register

Introducing High School Diplomas @ the Public Library

Library Journal
November 10, 3:00pm Eastern

Public libraries have supported education and enlightenment for years. But what if your library could actually produce high school graduates? It can. With Career Online High School (COHS) from Gale. It’s already happening at more than 100 public libraries across the country—adults are being engaged back into the educational system and earning their high school diplomas plus career certification. Adults are graduating, and lives are being changed. Register

Fix It at the Library with DIY Repair Programs

November 16, 11:00am Pacific

Making is all the rage. But what if you want to fix something that’s broken? Repair programs are an opportunity to teach patrons new skills while fixing technology, electronics, clothing, and other household items. These programs can be a great way to engage new community partners and volunteers and have proven successful in many libraries in the United States and Canada. Repair programs also help reduce waste by fixing items that would otherwise be thrown away. Register

Marketing and Advocacy: Explaining Libraries to Elected Officials

November 10, 2:00pm Central
Fee $40-$65 depending on membership

Marketing and advocacy go hand-in-hand. Advocacy is telling your library’s story. Those who influence funding for libraries cannot make informed decisions if they do not understand the scope of your mission. Most librarians haven’t practiced the political skills needed to work with various community leaders. At times their interests may seem to conflict with your library. How do you advocate without lobbying? This session explores how to easily market your library to elected officials. No secret handshakes or big budgets needed. Register

Spring 2017: Food, gardening Lifestyle, and More!

November 1, 1:00pm Central

”Every book its reader” is a Ranganathan law we live by at Workman Publishing Company. Algonquin Books brings you literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, Timber press offers fascinating gardening references, and Workman, Storey, Artisan, and The Experiment are experts in lifestyle, cookbooks, crafts, and narrative science. We have it all, and we are excited to share a curated selection of adult titles for the Spring 2017 list with you. Register

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Show me the money: Growing grants-related services in the library

November 17, 2:00pm Central
Fee $45-$65 dependant on membership

To meet the evolving needs of researchers on our campuses, as well as the growing financial need within our communities-at-large, libraries are increasingly providing grants support to their diverse constituencies. Grants support facilitates (and necessitates) collaboration with stakeholders on campus and in the community, and expands the vision of the library as innovator and partner. Register