Readers’ Advisory for your Library’s Midlist Collection
August 11
1:00pm Central
Join Booklist and Thorndike Press for this free, hour-long webinar on using Readers’ Advisory to leverage your library’s midlist, with a special focus on Large Print books. RA experts Wendy Bartlett (Cuyahoga County Public Library), Robin Nesbitt (Columbus Metropolitan Library), and Joyce Saricks from Booklist will discuss approaches and techniques to help you promote your adult midlist – and help your readers find those special under-the-radar gems. Representatives from Thorndike Press will showcase some of their hottest midlist Large Print titles. Register
Fall Mystery Announcement
August 20
3:00pm EDT
Let us take the detective work out of your mystery collection this fall. Join Library Journal for this free one-hour webcast and get a preview of the latest titles in the “highest circulating fiction genre in the U.S.”You’ll hear from Books on Tape. Midnight Ink, Oceanview, and Soho Crime, all sure to quicken your patrons’ pulses! Learn which books and audiobooks to match up with your mystery lovers. Register
New Nonfiction for Young Readers
August 19
3:00pm EDT
Nonfiction resources have a profound impact on young learners. The constantly changing and evolving world around us means that your collection needs constant updating to best serve their needs. Tune in and find out about new and upcoming nonfiction titles from Amicus, Scholastic Library publishing, Houghton Mifflin, and Quarto.
This free SLJ webcast, moderated by the Library Director of Bard H.S. Early College Queens, Jess deCourcy Hinds, will showcase a wide range of reading materials and educational series supporting Common Core and STEM curriculum, plus much more. Register
Integrating Librarians into Local Disaster Management and Training
August 13 
1:30pm ET
Brian Bunnett, Chair, Public Services Department, from the Cunningham Memorial Library at Indiana State University will present about the library’s current Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project, “Integrating Librarians into Local Disaster Management and Training”. The Library, in partnership with Vigo County Emergency Management, has been exploring roles for integrating librarians into the planning and response activities of local disaster management groups and developing training sessions using disaster health information resources from the National Library of Medicine. Register
Get a Taste of Boss Sauce: 14 Key Ingredients for First-Line Leaders
August 26
1:00pm EST
Employee engagement and performance are critical to your organization’s success. That’s a given. But what can your managers really do to increase engagement and performance in those they lead? What’s the secret sauce for leadership success? Join us for this webinar, sponsored by MHI Global, to take a close look at 14 key ingredients that drive leadership productivity. Your host, Craig Perrin from the leadership and management team at MHI Global, will share the results of our latest global research around the key skills of effective first-line leaders. He will outline a vocabulary for first-line leadership, and reveal a list of specific actions that drive employee engagement and performance. Register
Born Reading: Bringing up Bookworms in a Digital Age
August 19
12:00pm Pacific
Looking for ways to show users how to share books and apps more effectively with young readers? Need ways to help users prepare their children for Common Core “English Language Arts” standards? Want ideas to help users apply engaging reading techniques across books, apps, movies and other media? Author Jason Boog explores a set of interactive reading techniques that can help parents and caregivers to increase a child’s intellectual development. These techniques make any media experience more engaging, especially traditionally passive activities like TV watching or digital device usage. Register
Digital Citizenship & Cyberbullying
August 17 
12:30pm MT
Monthly webinars on current hot topics. The focus will be on providing a platform for you to share your knowledge as well as get your questions answered. Join guest experts to explore new library trends and services. Register
People—Difficult or Different?
August 21
11:00am Pacific
Why are some clients or co-workers so frustrating to work with? Or more importantly, why would anyone think of YOU as a difficult person? In this highly interactive and engaging presentation, you will discover why “different” does not have to mean “difficult.” Then you will learn the magic of making slight adjustments in your awareness and behavior that will have significant impact on your ability to “click” with customers and co-workers. You will laugh as you identify your behavior style, as well as those with whom  you work with. While you laugh, you will also learn that people are different and that “intent” doesn’t always equal “impact.” In short, you will realize how to make work… less work! Register
Using Census Records for Genealogy
August 27
2:00pm EDT
This webinar includes a discussion of the types of questions that have been asked in the Census and the American Community Survey over the past 200-plus years. Register
WorldCat and Metadata Globalization: An Introduction
August 25
9:00am Eastern
This presentation will show why aggregating metadata on a global scale is not trivial and discuss how OCLC and libraries can become more effective. It will include high-level context about the purpose of metadata and the developments in the 20th century, the ‘what’ and the impact of the bibliographic stack, and the so-called disruption of bibliographic control. Register