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Assessing Student learning with Instructional Technologies eCourse

May 9, continuing for 4 weeks
Fee $175.00

Are you prepared to deliver student learning data to your administrators? When you design your learning plans with assessment in mind, you will be ready to do just that. Course instructor Melissa Mallon will guide you through the steps of designing an authentic lesson and assessment plan. Register

Building and Operating Your Digital Media Lab

May 4, 1:00pm Central

Libraries across the country continue to embrace the digital media lab concept by offering a creative space chock full of the latest computer hardware and software and audio, digitizing, graphic design, music, photography, video, web publishing, and other production equipment and resources that patrons use to create and share their own content. In this roadmap webinar, Jeffrey Fisher of the Fountaindale Public Library shares his how-we-did-it strategies for building and operating a digital media lab. Register

Youth Announcements: Summer 2016

May 17, 1:00pm CDT

Get a sneak peek of forthcoming youth titles in this hour-long, free webinar, featuring representatives from Albert Whitman, Quarto, Second Story Press, and Starling Publishing. Register

3D Printing @ Your Library

Library Journal
May 12, 3:00pm EDT

Join us for a discussion of the foundational elements necessary for consideration when planning and implementing a 3D printing and scanning service at your library. We’ll address topics that apply to all types of libraries and we’ll share information about budget planning, equipment selection, policy development, and staff training. Register

What Career and College Readiness Means for All Students

May 11, 2:00pm CST

Attendees will become familiar with legislation on planning for students’ successful transition to postsecondary education and employment and elements of the World’s Best Work Force. Attendees will also learn about the office of Career and College Success initiatives that support districts in their work to prepare all students to become career and college ready. Register

How to Market Your Large Print Collection

May 10, 1:00pm CDT

Is your library making the most out of its Large Print collection? Want to leverage your existing investment in those titles to bring in new readers and boost circulation? Find out how! Large Print books are an important part of any circulating collection, and they have great appeal to a range of readers. Register

Dynamic One-Shot Library Instruction eCourse/Book Bundle

May 16, continuing for 4 weeks

Faced with planning your one-shot library instruction, you no doubt feel hard-pressed to squeeze in all your library has to offer plus tips on the research process in a mere 50 minutes. Authentic learning with student interaction may seem unattainable. It’s not. The keys are communicating clearly with the course instructor, developing a realistic plan, and employing effective teaching strategies. Register

Offering Service and Support to the LGBTQIA Community and Allies Workshop

May 11, 2:30pm Eastern

Librarians are always thinking of ways to reach more users, make the library a more welcoming environment, and provide patrons with better services. With the increasing visibility of gay, queer, transgender, and gender non-binary issues, it has been evident that more people are interested in better understanding these communities and how to offer services that are both respectful and helpful. Register

Measuring Program Outcomes

May 4, 11:00am Pacific

Provide an overview of outcome measurement from Project Outcome, a new program from the PLA, that provides simple tools so libraries can measure programs. Register

Bullying at School and at Work

Federal Depository Library Program
May 3, 2:00pm EDT

Offers statistics on bullying, as well as describes the types of bullying. Federal Government agencies, such as the Departments of Justice and Education, provide information on bullying. Register

Top Secret: Declassified Documents and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Federal Depository Library Program
May 4, 2:00pm EDT

Depository libraries provide access to a rich record of the U.S. Government’s activities. But what about the memos, telegrams, reports, and other elusive documents that were intended for a limited audience? This session focuses on some of the processes through which these documents become available to members of the public. Register

Using American Community Survey (ACS) Estimates and margins of Error

Federal Depository Library Program
May 19, 2;30pm EDT

Will introduce data users to the margin of error; they will learn why it is important , how to do basic statistical testing, and how to calculate it themselves. Register

Current Trends & New Skills in Technical Services

May 18, 1:00pm Central

Presenters will explore current trends and developments in library technical services and discuss how they will impact the future of this field of librarianship. Participants will learn about hard skills and soft skills that will be instrumental in his/her success in the future of technical services. Register

Is Technical Services Dead?

May 11, 1:00pm Central

This webinar considers a provocative question: Is technical services dead? In the first part of the webinar, presenters discuss the recent past, the present and the future of cataloging and technical services. In the second part, they will explore metadata, MARC, and more and will address the questions: does MARC matter with RDA? Will RDA live up to its promise? Is schema agnostic preferable to using MARC, MODS, or Dublin Core? Is BIBFRAME a viable alternative to MARC?

Librarian’s Guide to Trade Data, Part 4

Federal Depository Library Program
May 24, 2:00pm EDT

Will teach you how to use the Export.gov metasite, find the texts of Free Trade Agreements, look up foreign-trade zones, and more. Register

Minnesota’s Migration and Digital Storytelling an Institute for Teachers

West Bank UMN
June 13-16, 9:00am-4:00pm fee $100

In this four day institute, 10th-12th grade and community college educators will learn about Minnesota’s migration history in the context of major global migrations. Educators will develop the technical skills necessary to create a digital story and instruct their students in creating short personal videos with images, text, music, and audio. Register

Teaching about Genocide in Africa: Rwanda and Darfur

West Bank UMN
June 20-23, 9:00am-4:00pm
fee $100 (Pre service educators can attend free but still must register)

This week seminar, sponsored by the African Studies Initiative Title VI grant, will take a comparative approach to the genocides in Rwanda and Darfur. Participants will gain content knowledge about the origin and legal ramifications of the term genocide, and how various groups, such as the United Nations and the Media, addressed the two genocides. Register

BIBFRAME & Real World Applications of Linked Bibliographic Data

NISO Virtual Conference
June 15, 10:00am-4:00pm Central

In the four years since the Library of Congress launched the BIBFRAME project, a tremendous amount of progress has been made in transforming traditional bibliographic information into new structures that are more grounded in linked data and web-centric principles. This virtual conference will explore implementations of BIBFRAME data and related approaches to sharing and interacting with bibliographic data. Register

Research in the Real World

Library Journal
May 17, 12:00pm EDT

Academic research—in every field from business and management to medicine and even librarianship—frequently discovers crucial ways to improve efficacy and efficiency. But that only helps if those findings get applied in practice. In this webinar, find out how best to get your existing collections used, not just for study, but to inform the real-world decision of current and former students. Register

Future Proofing Library Spaces

May 11, 12:00pm Pacific

Do you want to learn the essentials of making your library environment future-friendly? There’s no question of whether technology impacts your library—the question is, how does it impact your library now, and how will it change in the future? What can you do at your library to keep up? Register

Conducting Research on Blended and Online Education: A Research Toolkit

May 16, 1:00pm ET

This session consists of practice-based research planning activities to help participants prepare for conducting research at the course or program level. Specifically, we will utilize the distance education research toolkit developed by the National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements (DETA) to guide the development of research plans for blended and online learning. Register

101 Ways to Make Learning Active Beyond the Classroom

InSync Training
May 3, 1:00pm EDT

This webinar will help you look beyond virtual and traditional classrooms to expand your learners’ options. Register

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