Advancing Accessibility with Mobile
Fee $60.00
January 14, 2:30pm Eastern
Accessibility for those with disabilities has always been very important, and is now more dynamic and prominent with advanced technologies. NUIs (natural user interfaces) are those that put the human first—by making use of multiple human senses. They do this with touch screens, speech recognition, camera input, and “haptic” output, such as the way an Apple Watch can gently tap your wrist for a notification. These trends along with the accessibility features of mobile devices are proving to be extremely useful to those with visual impairments, hearing loss, and mobility problems, and also those with autism. Register
Using WebDewey and Understanding Dewey Decimal Classification
Fee $175.00
January 19 and continues for 4 weeks
With the expert cataloging instruction of Violet Fox, you will gain a comprehensive grounding in Dewey Decimal Classification® principles and practice. Starting with the basics, this eCourse will teach you how to assign DDC® numbers with correct meaning in hierarchy, build numbers using tables, and apply numbers that help patrons browse your library. Register
Leadership Workshop for Women
Fee up to $59.00
January 20 & January 27 at 1:00pm Central
In this two-part webinar series, Sally Helgesen offers concrete, actionable practices for women seeking to transition to the next level of leadership while maximizing their contribution to their organization. The series is also suitable for men who manage women and seek to develop their talents to the fullest.   Register
Ensuring the Scholarly Record
January 13, 12:00pm Central
Science is often referred to as a self-correcting system and scholarly communications are meant to play an important role in that process. By describing the work that has been undertaken, others can verify the work by replicating it, testing its validity, and applying it in their own work, thereby building upon it. Recently, questions have arisen about the scholarly record, with revelations about false data, erroneous processes, and irreproducible research. Register
Delivering Community Value: How to Make Yourself Indispensable for Small Libraries
Library Journal 
January 14, 3:00pm Eastern
Libraries are always striving to show their strengths not only as a reading institution, but as a community center, no matter their size. Join us as we hear from two small library leaders who understand the true worth of their community value. Register
Happiness Vs. Misery: Which Brings a Greater Response? 
NonProfit Times 
Fee $49.95 
January 26, 2:00pm EST
A Current trend among some practitioners of fundraising techniques is the “You made this possible” approach. Implicitly, a gigantic difference exists between communications to those who actually did make “this” possible and communications to those the charity simply hopes or assumes will have a significant part in a campaign’s ultimate success. The obvious flaw is that ultimate success might not occur. The responsibility of recognizing the difference between speculation and reliance on tested grounds is our theme—”Happiness Vs. Misery.” Register
Soy Culto y Soy Bilingüe: Public Library/University Partnership Meeting Community Needs
January 20, 1:00pm CST
As Library and university professionals we have learned that some community needs might be best met through partnerships. Of course, this works best when participation benefits all partners, which can be challenging at times. The Orange County Library System (OCLS, Orlando, FL) and the University of Central Florida (UCF) worked together to create a unique program that provides ESL learning to the public while helping UCF graduate and Ph.D seeking candidates meet their objectives and OCLS fulfill their mission. Join us to learn about this partnership, the development of the program, and the program itself. Register
Technology Skills for Library Staff: Effective and Engaging Training Programs
January 27, 11:00am PST
How can we get library staff excited about learning new technology skills? How can libraries be better prepared to help the public with technology questions? How can staff go from tech shy to tech savvy? Designing an engaging technology training program can help all library staff get up to speed. Join us for this free webinar to learn about two fun and engaging staff technology training programs in public libraries. Register
American Libraries: Virtual Reference
January 14, 1:00pm Central
Reference work continues to be a huge part of the foundation of librarianship. Like many other library services, more and more of it is conducted online. Our expert panel will be exploring virtual reference—what it means, how it is changing, and the best practices for those getting started. Register
Think your Library or Budget is too Small for RFID? Think Again… 
February 3, 1:00pm CST
mk Solutions offers RFID technology that is affordable for any size library or budget. Our software not only saves your library money and time, it has multiple benefits for your staff and patrons as well. Register
Welcome, 2016: The Year of Knowledge, Optimized
Training Industry 
January 19, 1:00pm EST
Most of us prioritize, optimizing our personal lives for performance and efficiency. In 2016, the world of corporate learning is poised to catch up, Today, there are tools being built and refined to take learning and development programs to the next level of greatness. Your host, Rebecca Reagan-Thieme, product manager at Inkling, will make predictions about how new technology will accelerate corporate knowledge in the coming year. Register

EDUCAUSE Live! – The 2016 Top 10 IT Issues
January 13, 1:00pm ET
The Top 10 IT Issues for 2016 were published in EDUCAUSE Review in January. EDUCAUSE Vice President Susan Grajek and three IT leaders from the IT Issues panel will present the list, discuss why these issues are so important to higher education this year, and offer advice for addressing several of the issues. Register