The Modern Library: Meeting Users On Their Own Terms
September 2
3:00pm EDT
In today’s networked world, public libraries are required to support a more diverse, mobile and connected population, re-envisioning workflows to serve their communities on users’ terms. This webinar will demonstrate how new technologies are enabling libraries to engage and serve users in innovative and expanded ways. Register
The Digital Shift: Libraries Connecting Communities
October 14
10:00am-5:00pm EDT
The virtual conference will focus the attention of library professionals on the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital transition’s impact on libraries and their communities. Participants will engage in a dynamic day-long conversation about our shared digital future. We’ll explore how libraries connect communities like no other institution and demonstrate how libraries leverage digital tools to facilitate and strengthen connections among classrooms and communities around the globe. Register
20 Awesome Digital Tools and Apps To Kick Off The New Year!
August 27, 2015
5:00pm ET
It is that time again… Time for school to start and time for us to kick off the year with amazing new tools and ideas! For this webinar, join Shannon McClintock Miller as she gives you 20 new digital tools, apps, and ideas to inspire learning and engage our young people. She even has a few tips and tools for teachers to use in their own practice. You will leave this webinar armed with a toolbox guaranteed to start your year off right! Register
Virtual Presence: How to Overcome the 7 Deadly Distractions in a Virtual Environment
August 27, 2015
1:00pm EST
Pick up some tips to grab and keep your audience’s attention, make your virtual training more interactive and leverage technology to keep distractions at bay. Register
Promoting Creativity in Childhood – Moving from Why? to How?
September 2, 2015
12:00pm Pacific
Looking for ways to incorporate creative learning into the programming at your library? Erica Fortescue, Associate Director of the Center for Childhood Creativity, will present the case for creativity and innovation as core skills for future success.  She will share highlights from the newest research on creative thinking from a variety of fields including neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and education. This webinar will also show how these techniques prepare young readers for the new Common Core standards. Register

Best Practices from America’s Best Small Libraries: Funding & Fundraising

September 1, 2015
3:00pm EDT
For small and rural libraries looking to not only sustain core services but stretch to respond to new community needs, effective fundraising is fundamental. Learn how to navigate the funding landscape to make the most of grants, work with foundations, and tap other sources as well as the bread and butter of advocacy for taxpayer funding and Friends support. Register