Service Animals in Libraries

July 7, 9:00am Pacific Time
Responding to patron concerns about an animal in the library can be a difficult scenario for library professionals. But what if the animal in question is a service animal? How do library professionals best respond to patron concerns while respecting the rights of an individual with a disability and their service animal? This webinar will provide an overview of how Western Washington University Libraries developed a Best Practices document for its personnel in order to consistently address concerns about service animals including tailored recommendations for specific service points. Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will have new knowledge, and some resources, to begin this conversation within their own library. Register

No Job Seeker Left Behind

July 9, 2:00pm EDT
Every day, libraries around the country are filled with people seeking help with jobs and careers. How do library staff find time and resources to assist them all? Learn a variety of practical ways to deliver career development services in your library from two certified ALA Career Development Facilitators. They have strategies and resources to help you cover the spectrum from a quick “on the fly” toolbox of forms and templates to ideas for one-time classes, workshop series, and even one-on-one personalized career sessions for patrons. You really can support those job-seekers! Register

2015 ALA Annual Conference Wrap-Up, live webcast

Introducing a new episode of American Libraries Live — a one-hour wrap-up of the 2015 ALA Annual Conference, which airs live at 2 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, July 2. Brought to you by American Libraries, this free, streaming video broadcast can be viewed from your home, library or on-the-go.
Whether you’re planning to attend conference and may not get a chance to see everything you want to see or you’re unable to attend in person, this webcast will help summarize and give perspective on this year’s conference.
During this interactive webcast, our expert panel will offer their highlights and insights. This year’s panel includes:
  • Jason Griffey, consultant, writer and library technology expert
  • Amanda Goodman, user experience librarian at the Darien (Connecticut) Public Library
You can pre-register for this free 60-minute event at (pre-registration assures you a reminder before the event), or go to at 2 p.m. (Eastern) on Thursday, July 2 to view.
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